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Friday, July 22, 2011

The road to Istanbul


As I said, these are coming in a bit of a funny order, but please bear with me!
I woke up at 6am (ridiculously early compared to my usual routine). Powered by various sources of caffeine I got to the airport and actually found the plane (ok, so my dad was of help...). Despite my fears, the plane didn't fall and we made it to Budapest (Hungary) where we had a bite to eat and a good look around the (rather nice) airport. We made it on the plane to Istanbul, but before we took off an elderly lady had some sort of seizures and we were delayed (fortunately she was taken care of!). We arrived in Istanbul a bit late, but very excited!
Here's some piccies from the way there (since travelling is half the fun!):
My air-travel essentials: something sweet and fatty to eat, coffee to power me, a neck-pillow and an inspiring, entertaining, exhilarating magazine to flip through.

I took a head start into the A/W fashion (never to early to do a bit of backup research).

I had probably the biggest burger of my life in BK Budapest (now is not the time to complain about my unhealthy diet...)
We also treated ourselves to some delish macaroons at the airport :)

I rather enjoyed the airport at Budapest. Great furniture, so-so food-court and plenty of shopping possibilities (on the schengen side, the other side was a bit dissapointing...). I also really like the design of the place...the eye sort of glides on it...

I think that's all for tonight, folks!

I hope I'll have the energy for another exciting travel update for you lot tomorrow.

Now I'm gonna finish off my cherries and head to sleep (it's been a looooong day)


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