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Monday, July 25, 2011

Double the fun

I actually wrote and tried to post this post once already, but it disappeared. So, yeah. The internet here is not being my friend right now, so I'll just make this a really quick OOTD post with both my beach day outfit and my evening outfit. Enjoy!

Thrifted tie-dye dress

Zara dress, JC blouse

Notice the Turkish evil eye bracelet
It took me HOURS to get this post up, so I think I'm off to bed. I'll come back with pictures of my shopping (as some of you requested) tomorrow. So sorry for the delay, but the wireless dictates my pace of posting.

Thanks for keeping up with me! The connection also makes it REALLY hard to comment back, but I will get back to all of you once I get home.

Lots of love.




Esther said...

I adore your tie die dress and that blouse. So unique!
I can't wait to see what you bought ^^

Nelson said...

ihana mekko! :)