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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hairy business

Today it's naked Tuesday (aka. Laundry day) so nothing interesting to wear, but there is something I've wanted to write about for a while now. I'm obsessed with trying to get the perfect hair (I'm currently trying to grow mine out). For the past year or so I've been suffering from incredibly dry hair (and skin and nails...) mainly due to sun damage and chemicals from dyeing it.

After lots of misses I've finally found a hair-routine that suits me, and I swear that my hair gets a tiny bit silkier every day. I put a lot of time into hair-care nowadays to try to fix my terrible hair-care faux pas (I'm talking like 5 hours or something a week, which is a HUGE amount of time for me since I'm usually very "low-maintenance"...or ,ahem, lazy).

I want to go from this: 

To this:

My hair-goddess, Erin Wasson!

I don't know if this will work for everyone or just my hair-type, but I guess it's worth a try!

  •  I try to avoid styling my hair with heat (except for very special occasions). I let it air dry. Since volume has never really been an issue for me I just scrunch and tousle it a tiny bit and let nature take it's course. I curl my hair the old-fashioned way with rollers or strips of fabric.
  • I try to keep my hair down at least two days a week and not brush it as often. It really keeps it in better condition (and keeps those split ends at bay!).
  • I use moisture-enhancing and nourishing shampoos. I like to try different brands and have yet to find my absolute favourite. I did like Syoss, Tresemme, Herbal Essences (which is unfortunately no longer available here!) and Schwarzkopf Gliss. For some reason Loreal Elvive didn't work for me despite some really good reviews.
  • I double condition: I use a conditioner for dry hair from the range of shampoo I currently use and a spray leave in conditioner to keep my hair nourished throughout the day. My current favourites are the Schwarzkopf Gliss one and the Herbina one (smells like fresh raspberries...mmm!). I'm currently looking for one with UV protection, but since my budget is sort of limited at the mo I haven't lucked out yet.
  • I use a mask once a week. I'm currently using a Tresemme one, that leaves my hair so incredibly soft and easy to manage- without weighing it down! 
  • I use an oil-treatment once a week. Now that it's really sunny, my hair seems to crave extra moisture and that's where the natural oil-treatments come in (I might make it twice a month in the winter). I tried one with olive oil (pretty intense) and it really made a difference especially in my damaged ends. However, it was pretty hard to wash out and seemed to leave my hair a little two oily for the first two washes. While shopping a while back I discovered a sea-buckthorn oil treatment by XZ, and since it was quite cheap (about four euros for the bottle) I figured I'd give it a shot. Since it's derived from berries it's less oily than olive oil (if that makes sense...). It washed out effortlessly for me, but the results were as good as those with olive oil. It would be hogwash to say that this product changed my life, but it sure made my hair better looking and easier to manage! 
The nozzle on the bottle makes it super-easy to distribute evenly and  use less of the product at once (thus saving money. YAY!).
I hope this wasn't too long (I tend to ramble sometimes)!

Over and out :)


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