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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not quite breakfast at Tiffany's

...but dinner at the bazaar. And it was amazing. Here are some snippets of our action-packed day (shopping is a heavy-duty workout. sometimes it's good to refuel with Starbucks).

at the grand bazaar

local sweets (Turkish delight etc.) at the Egyptian spice bazaar (I'm actually eating a pistachio delight right now!)

Turkish delights, or lokum as they call it here.

I've had a total of a kilo of these yummy cherries in the past day and a half

Our dinner-spot right outside the Egyptian bazaar. Gorgeous little kebab place with low seats and plenty of locals. Doing it the lonely planet way ;) 
I had a glorious lamb-kebab meal. Spicy, filling and beautiful :) I followed it by a glass of Ayran (sort of a buttermilk). So damn satisfying.

Now we're having a bit of a tv-night eating our delish delights and honey-comb!!! :)

Since I left my hair-mask at home I decided to play the kitchen beautician and use Turkish yoghurt to moisturize and pamper my hair. Fun and (hopefully) effective!

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Hagia Sofia in the am and then seeing the newest Potter-movie at a nearby cinema (eeeek!!!! :).

So far a really awesome holiday.

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