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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pagrilicious glamour

Pagri being the Indian word for turban :) 
I had a really lovely day sale and thrift shopping with the best mate. Found some really cool things and later mucked about with an old t-shirt and some fabric paints (please don't expect too much!).

The outfit: Zara LBD, Turban from Seppälä, Necklace from Kicks and my faves: ASOS-sunnies and Giuseppe Zanotti  ballerinas.

Closer look at the turban and my thrifted earrings.

Lots of love



Je ne sais quoi said...

I really like your blog!
Follow me:)

Els said...

I've been trying to hunt a turban for ages and you seem to have found the perfect one! love it (I want it) =P xx