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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As some of you may have noticed already, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging. I'm working through some stress. I have come to find that I have a lack of concentration for everyday things like meeting up with friends or hanging out with my family, extending to things like blogging as well. My life just seems to be filled with a general feeling of restlessness and impending doom (gosh, that sounds so serious, but it's not something to worry about).

It's like I'm being pulled in all directions by people's expectations for me and I'm just trying to stay in one piece. Blogging has become a duty for me and there's far too much going on lately to keep up with it. Heck, there's sometimes too much going to even look presentable. So considering that this is a fashion-ish blog it would be a bit of a fail on my part to keep going on without the outfits. I'm trying my best to get out of this slightly gloomy and unpleasant place and I feel that dropping some of my duties and actually giving myself a proper holiday might do more good than harm.

I wouldn't really imagine being able to actually talk to many people about all of this, but through blogging I have been introduced to the most lovely people, so I couldn't just quit without a proper goodbye.

On a brighter note, I finally have my official acceptance for uni and will be making the big move to Scotland in September. Maybe then I can take the direction of this blog somewhere else than fashion and rather concentrate on student life, when I've worked through this little crises thingy.

Luckily I have my stunning, understanding, supportive and all 'round lovely man to help me through.

 lots of love,