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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's a family matter

 It's so funny how time flies. Just three short years ago I celebrated my own confirmation (I have since become and atheist...oops. My mum, a priest, has already damned me to hell), and today we held festivities for my baby-sister who had her's yesterday. At the risk of sounding like an old lady: I'm so proud to see that she has turned into such a beautiful, principled and intelligent young woman, who I'm thrilled to call my sister.

The party was a lovely gathering of relatives, godparents of my sister and friends. This was also the occasion when I chose to present boyfriend (of a bit over a year) to the relatives. I was especially excited to introduce him to my granny (who I'm ever so close to). I've been a bit hush about the whole thing so she had no idea, but her reaction was the best :) She kept smiling and hugging me, and poking him exclaiming how handsome he is. Haha :D Got to love grandparents.

I'll be staying this week at my bf's place, but I'll be keeping in touch as usual. A little birdie told me we're going on a picnic tomorrow :)

I don't believe that you've met my feel-good shoes yet: These babies are from BIANCO, they're slightly platformed, very tall and rather chunky. Just the leverage I need. Black shoes go with virtually anything and I think they just scream me! I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. 

Now we're playing Mario Party on the gamecube in our PJ's after watching an episode of Poirot :) Life is so good!

BIG hugs and kisses.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Travel in comfort

Yesterday while travelling ill comfort was more than important.
Today after sleeping and taking it easy, I'm feeling a lot better, so I'll be able to attend my sister's confirmation festivities tomorrow (yay for dressing up!).

Here's yesterday's ootd:

My perfect new harem pants :)

Silly little sick Ninja

I made it home late last night after a grueling day of travelling. It wouldn't have been too bad, but I got a bit ill. It's gotten a bit worse now. Not too bad, but bad enough for me to miss my little sister's confirmation (and the chance to dress up!). I desperately need some cheering up, since I'm way past feeling sorry for myself (Sex and the City and Top Model helped quite a bit).

I figured some fun reading might help :)

SO in the comments link me your blog, your sister's dog's blog, your favourite blog and everything in between. Please and thank you ;) Oh, and this doesn't just apply to today, I'd love to hear about your faves whenever since I'm always looking for something new to read.



Thursday, July 28, 2011

A walk in the park

In the morning we took a bit of stroll through the Gülhane park right by our hotel. It was not just a great way to relax, but also to escape the heat! Afterwards we walked around town for a while and ended up having a light lunch at Starbucks (pesto, mozarella and sundried tomato sandwiches.mmmm!). At 2 we headed to the Hamam (Turkish bath-house) for some R&R. 
The Hamam was the loveliest experience ever. You start off on a hot slab of marble, sweating like in a sauna. Afterwards a masseuse comes over to scrub off all the dead skin (boy, there was a lot!). That is followed by a lovely bubble/foam massage (ahhhh). After that you can take a dip in a super hot jacuzzi, cool off with some chilly water and continue to lay on the hot slab. I also purchased an extra treatment: a facial (for 7 euros). IIt started with a scrub followed by a mud mask and finishing off with an oily massage to moisturize. Perfecto!
After dinner we went back to our favourite café for our final desserts here.
Tomorrow were going to spend the morning shopping for spices and we leave for home at about noon (flight leaves at 3). In a way it's terribly sad to elave this gorgeous country, but I know that my bf will be there to pick me up at the airport (YAY!) 
High-waist shorts with a tiny daisy print, a basic white top and a scarf. All purchased here :)

We took a detour after the Hamam to the Grand bazaar in the search of a lovely little jewellery shop with the greatest prices- and we found it (after walking around for AGES in the labyrinth-like market)

A ring from Pakistan (rather big) for less than 5euro

An anklet with little bells, 2,5 euros

A necklace (less than 5)

I don't think that I'll be up to posting anything tomorrow, since we get home after midnight. I will, however, try to get back to you already on Saturday.

From Istanbul,


(No XXXX's ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spotted at Topkapi Palace

This morning we visited the Topkapi palace museum. It was an amazing way to take a closer look into Turkey's eclectic history, arts and architecture. We roamed around the main museum for about 4 hours and then spent another hour in the gorgeous harems. 
This evening we did some souvenir shopping (including, but not limited to 10 pairs of earring for my sister :P) and then went to a local tea-house for local apple-tea and water-pipe. We puffed away for about two hours chatting about everything imaginable and playing cards, just the quality time I was looking forward to in this trip (I don't see my dad nearly enough).
After taking our time with the tea we got my dad some döner and then continued to the same café where we enjoyed the lovely views yesterday (my dad had a chestnut-cake). 
The entrance to the palace

A spotted bandeau-dress (from the market yesterday)

I also found my perfect pair of harem pants after a LOOONG hunt. They're red with a bit of a print and extremely loose.

I miss reading blogs (almost impossible with this speed of internet), I can't wait to get back to you.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Florals FTW

 This afternoon we took a walk around the Sultanahmet (Old town) district in Istanbul. We popped into the Basilica Cistern, an old underground complex which was used as a storage place for water during the Roman reign. Nowadays it's a museum with impressive lighting and a less impressive amount of water.
Later we had some dinner at a kebab place, walked around some more and then had some delicious cakes at a super-fancy café.

The base of one of the columns in the shape of the character of Medusa from ancient mythology.

A obelisk that the turks stole from Egypt 

The cutest kittens!

A part of today's loot: a strapless floral dress

My chocolate eclair posing with my dad's banana-chocolate cake.

Happy days and chocolate cake to you all! Thanks for reading.



Saturation therapy

 That's what my father calls today. Desperate to cure my ridiculous shopping addiction he thought that if I got to get anything I wanted for one day I might find it enough. We went to a cheap clothes market on the Asian side of Istanbul (now I've been to ASIA!) and I pretty much got to pick what I wanted (everything cost only a couple of euros if that). I can say that for now I think the "therapy" may have worked...then again I still have my sights set on finding the perfect pair of harem pants.

The king of rock, mr Elvis Presley :D

A knit/vest/crochet-detail thingyme. 

Maiden's tower (famous from James Bond). 
A teaser of my loot.

Needless to say I love my father, but I love his silly ideas even more :P

Lots of fun shopping to you lot as well!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Double the fun

I actually wrote and tried to post this post once already, but it disappeared. So, yeah. The internet here is not being my friend right now, so I'll just make this a really quick OOTD post with both my beach day outfit and my evening outfit. Enjoy!

Thrifted tie-dye dress

Zara dress, JC blouse

Notice the Turkish evil eye bracelet
It took me HOURS to get this post up, so I think I'm off to bed. I'll come back with pictures of my shopping (as some of you requested) tomorrow. So sorry for the delay, but the wireless dictates my pace of posting.

Thanks for keeping up with me! The connection also makes it REALLY hard to comment back, but I will get back to all of you once I get home.

Lots of love.



My (almost) Mediterrenean island getaway

Today we took a ferry to one of the Price's Islands in Itanbul called Heybeliada. It was lush, hot and amazing. Lined with little beaches, panoramic viewpoints and sunny boulevards. We rented bikes and rode to the other side to a lovely little beach where we gladly grilled ourselves for a few hours.
When we got back to the mainland we had a really lovely 3 course dinner and did some shopping on our evening walk. All in all quite the perfect relaxed day. Tomorrow we head to the Asian side to a clothes market...I can't wait!

I have to admit that I'm a teeny tiny bit sunburned right now...oops. I hope my aloe gel get sit under control over night.

Hugs and Kisses


Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's always better on holiday

 So this afternoon my dad and I went to see the newest Potter-movie. What an experience! I mean the movie was really really amazing (but I expected as much :P ). What I didn't expect was that there was just one other group of people in the full-sized theatre! Talk about a private viewing. While the room itself was rather modern, the rest of the theatre was beautifully nostalgic with movie-posters from the 40s and 50s. What surprised me the most was that there was an intermission right smack in the middle of all the action...I've never experienced that before. It was a really lovely experience, but unfortunately the volume was way too high and I came out with a nasty little headache.

Straight from there we took a tram and a metro to Taksim, the bustling business center of the metropolis. We walked down a shopping street lined with familiar names (topshop, mango etc. ). We had dinner in a lovely Italian-looking courtyard (the best chips ever, stuffed wine leaves and turkish meatballs. ahhh, I'm in food heaven). We ended up stocking up on t-shirts for 5 Lira (2,5 euro) each. I bought an over sized anchor-T, an Elvis one and one with Jimi Hendrix.

Outfit of the day: maxidress from New Yorker in Stockholm and a thrifted waistcoat

My highly employed sandals from H&M
Such a cute street musician. When I tossed him some coins the biggest smile spread on his face and the music turned into a super upbeat jig :)
A tram in taksim

Our gorgeous (and RIDICULOUSLY cheap) dinner spot.

The shopping street in Taksim. Paradise. Lined with cute cafés and restaurants. ahh.

Tomorrow we're heading out to the Princes Islands off the coast of Istanbul where the creme de la creme spend their summers. Tanning oil? check. Bikini? check. Camera? check!

Lots and lots of love, millions of dresses and happiness to you all!