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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I'm loving right now- and why YOU should too! Episode 4

PUNK! That is, as an inspiration in your outfits (although I must admit I do have a thing for the full-blown 1970's Generation X look, I'm just too much of a pansy to wear it for myself). Chain and stud details in shoes, belts, bags and jewelery, band shirts (especially the Ramones or Clash...mmm), Chuck Taylor's and combat boots, leather jackets, skinny jeans, messy (in a chic way) bed-heads and heavier eye-makeup. The best thing about this trend is that it's the easiest thing in the world to look like you just rolled out of bed: your morning cookie-monster mane just needs a tiny bit of tweaking and a touch of hairspray. To keep punk as just an inspiration stick to just one or two of these elements at once! Neon colours, while very punk, should be avoided in my opinion due to the hazard of looking like a terribly tacky wannabe (been there, done that. ew.)
Andrej Pejic (My most favourite model at the moment) doing the bed-head and leather jacket combo.

These hot punk inspired looks are from Teen Vogue. 

Aggy combines classic punk colours and what looks like a band shirt. Very quirky and cool!

Someone who really owns the punk style is of course Alice Dellal. She pulls it off with such style and attitude it's unbelievable (then again if I had those legs maybe I could too. Jelly). 

Punk is also showing up in hair from celebs like Rihanna (pictured) to Cassie and Carmen Electra (and Alice in the previous pic, who I believe made it so popular). Again, something I'd love to try, but can't seem to muster the ba... ahem, guts to do.

A few of my favourite things!

Unveiling: my new jumpsuit! Probably the most genius invention since pre-sliced toast. I love how it's actually acceptable to go out in something so comfortable. I first found this glory of a garment in H&M about a month ago, and checked in to see if they had my size around 3 times a week. I finally found it yesterday. The best part is that it cost only 19.90 euros! I paired it with gladiators (also H&M, 15 euros) and aviators (flea market 1 euro) and a black cropped jacket (also from the flea market). I was also carrying the big bag I bought on Saturday. 
Doing some chilling and grilling with friends tomorrow after my English finals, and on my day off (Thursday) I'm taking a ferry to this lovely island with a group of friends for a picnic. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Life wisdoms from Pangcakes

So, I'm taking a leaf out of my favourite-blogger's ( book and taking a bit of a break from make up. In addition to trying to find confidence in how I look au naturale, I'm also doing it to improve my quality of skin before the holidays. I don't want to be caking on make up the way I do now when (if) it gets really warm outside and I don't want to be breaking out like crazy during the highlight of my year.

I used to not wear any make up, but for the past year or so I'v ebeen gradually piling on more and more.So, from now on for the next week I will not be wearing any makeup (not even concealer...eeeks), minus my graduation day on Saturday.
Step 1: Unveiling my naked face
Step 2: Keeping it that way.

I'll be interested to see how that works out. I will definitely be revamping my already neurotic skincare routine!


Dressing for the weather...FAIL

Today started beautifully, making egg-sandwiches and French toast for my boyfriend in the kitchen. It was pouring and freezing outside, so I decided to wear a knit sweater with leggings and a scarf. BAD call. It warmed up to god knows how many degrees in the afternoon and I was left steaming by the ears waiting for my dentist appointment (which was ridiculously late). I made it home and now I should be studying for tomorrow's mother-tongue exam, but I got sidetracked into doing this (yes, I know. I'm a procrastinator.)
Between my picture-perfect morning and my sauna of an afternoon I went shopping with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. We spent hours browsing through stores and bonding over Ben and Jerry's (mmmm. phish food!!!!). I managed to find something I really liked (and could afford) for a change and I can't wait to show it to you guys....tomorrow.

A scarf made by my little sister, a knit sweater from I don't even know where (I've just had it for ages), Zara leggings and my two euro combat boots <3 Oh, and a pair of H&M earrings

A bit of a teaser. Hint: it's off of my summer shopping list ( P.S. I'm complete now!

Exited for tomorrow's look...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flipping hippies

Today I went to the World Village Festival, an event which features live music, food and arts and crafts from various countries. I got there quite early (ahem, 11am) and I managed to catch a Tanzanian guy singing in Swahili, which was pretty amazing and made me rather homesick. I went for a walkabout with my boyfriend and made him try some of my favourite food from when I was growing up in TZ (pilau, maharagwe and mboga). We caught the last few minutes of an accapella group performing and ate too much cotton candy.

The highlight of the festival was when Hazmat Modene, a jazz-ish band from NYC performed. Though their opening speech gave a rather awkward  impression of them (so, umm... nice seagulls you have here. Very nice), they redeemed themselves the second they started playing. You could really see the variety of people in the audience: hippies, hipsters, nerds, young people, older people, people of various ethnicities. It was truly incredible! Though the band was amazing, the true entertainment of the gig came from the hippies, who cleared out a small space for themselves in the crowd and were having a sort of rave, dancing like nobody was watching.
My fave performers, Hazmat Modine, from a distance.

My festival get-up: braving the cold and the rain in my trusty duffel coat, blue jeans, a pair of Chuck Taylor's, one of my new bags (form last post), a printed scarf and a black vest (top). And my bag of cotton candy!!!

Yes, I love cotton candy.

Now my boyfriend's falling asleep from boredom next to me, so I should probably leave it at this. 'Till next time.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Introducing the bag lady

Woke up at 6am to go and sell some of my old clothes/bags/shoes at the flea market with my little sister. I planned to wear something fatally gorgeous, but I was too tired to bother. Our spot was outside and it was raining and freezing. Despite all of that we had a wonderful time and actually managed to earn 20euros of profit each! The day was filled with sarcastic comments from my sister and desperate attempts to get in my pants from the guy by the next table. We came home with half of our stuff... and a few new bags! (I seem to be going through a phase right now).
Tomorrow I'll be heading to an ethic-music festival, so hopefully we'll have better weather then!!!

Me and oodles of clothes...when  they were still in neat piles!!!
Bag #1, gorgeous, big, multiple pockets. 3,5 euros.

Bag #2: Little hard bag with a chain. Love love love. Only 1 euro. I've been looking for a small bag like this one to wear shopping or when I run out and only have time to grab some change and my keys.

Bag #3. I somehow find it very classy and Chanel-ish. A bit broken, but I just couldn't resist. Besides, it was only 50 cents.

Bag #4 aka bonus-bag: this one I'm going to use to keep my makeup in, since the bottom is so flat and sturdy and it's lined with little pockets on the inside. Not really loving the texture yet, but come summer I'm sure I'll get used to it. And once again, a bargain for 1,5 euros!

All in all a rather successful day, so no complaints!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A new day, A new outfit

Had a fabulous day today.  A bit of shopping and bagels in the morning with my girl, Charlotta. After that we went to her house for a fun day of pampering: a ton of strawberries, chocolate facials, self-tanner, experimenting with hair products (btw, dry shampoo TOTALLY works)and daytime tv.
My mum has a gala for work so I had to give her a bit of a makeover. I think it turned out rather well, considering I only had 30 minutes to get her hair and makeup done!
Waking up super-early in the morning tomorrow so I can get to the flea-market early and set up my stand! Hope the weather's nice, since it's outside...

Denim shirt from MONKI, Oxfords from H&M, leggings, a top and a headscarf.

My rather worn-out bag

My BFF of five years. We pretty much settled that on the day we met :)

A manicure I tried out. Ended up looking a bit sloppy, but I like the 60's mod colour blocking. Better luck (or skills) next time!

Ta-ta 'till then

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new outfit update...FINALLY

I've been having the most hectic spring ever, but thankfully now it's sort of cooling down. I started my five-day weekend today in the loveliest way. I slept in, went for coffee and a bit of shopping with my best friend and then made hot-dogs and sunbathed on the balcony with my boyfriend. Right now I'm experimenting with my new tea tree oil facemask from the Bodyshop (trying to get that flawless summer skin, I'll update you on that later!) and enjoying the first warm day in ages.
Today's look is a little recycled from one of my previous ones to illustrate how one piece can be worn in two very different ways.

Re-wearing my T-shirt dress (from first blog post), now giving it a more dressed down feel with a loose knit some chunky bracelets and a small leather bag (my lovely sister's).
My shining stars: Giuseppe Zanotti ballerinas. I'm not sure if it translates to the picture, but they sparkle!!! (and go with absolutely everything)

My "feelgood" bikinis, amazing hippie-printed wonder of a top and my trusty black bottoms. TIP: I only ever buy tops, and match them with the bottoms to save money for other purchases. Plus my bikini-bod which I've been working hard on. Not perfect, but hey, I love to eat to the extent I'm practically a Tribbiani! (And the camera adds about a bajillion pounds...right?!)
And, yes, I know sunbathing isn't good for you. I don't smoke or drink a lot or participate in any other destructive behaviour, so dammit I will sunbathe!!

Lovely day behind me, washed the mask off and my skin feels insanely smooth. Looking forward to another great day with my bestie tomorrow and getting rid of some of my old clothes at the flea market on Saturday.I hope I'll find it in me to wear something gorgeous tomorrow, so I can come out with another update.
Hope the sun shines wherever you are!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I'm loving right now- and why YOU should too! Episode 3

3. The minimalist trend- Very very hot right now. Monochromes, pastels, clean-cut clothes. Very back to the basics. When trying this trend opt for well fitting clothes made of quality fabrics. Aim for a contrast in texture vs. contrast in colour and avoid busy prints (lightly contrasted graphic ones might still do the trick). The idea is that less is more. Today when you walk outside you are sure to see your share of eye-catching prints, piled on accessories and crazy hair, with a very basic, minimalistic outfit you will certainly turn some heads. If this spring's trendiest colour, white, seems too boring for you, try a minimalist outfit in a brighter colour!

Three ways to pull off this spring's hottest look
A more every-day look, from Zara. Something I will definitely be trying!!

Gorgeous example of how minimalist doesn't have to be boring. To intensify the impact of the jumpsuit ditch all the accessories and consider removing the sash. This beauty is from H&M.
Preppy and dressed up. For a summery date, garden party, a shopping day or even a job-interview. Pretty much any place you want to make a neat and presentable impression. From ASOS.
I found this outfit and my heart did a cartwheel. Uh-mazing and so simple. Proves you can be cute without going overboard.
For a bit of POWOW wear this smart suit with a crazy twist from Zara.

Thanks for reading, 
I'll be adding my own look update tomorrow.
Till then,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of my favourite style stars

Dita Von Teese!

Beautiful?Check.Classy?With a capital "C".Nostalgic?always.Controversial?Few people get ahead in life by pleasing everyone.
It's hard to resist her classic Hollywood glamour paired with a twist of old-school pin-up naughtiness. While she is definitely very different from all my other sources of style inspiration and wears things I couldn't wear on a daily basis, she just has "it" (a quality that leaves me wanting more). Whenever I see a picture of her, whether it's working out, or shopping, she's always tip-top and polished. On one hand I admire how that woman can keep herself so immaculate 24/7, on the other it just amuses me how someone can be that driven. The other thing that amazes me is how she can keep that level of style and class know...sort of stripping! Even when she's down to the bare minimum what she maintains that extra bit of class. I call it controlled provoking. Love it.
While I don't think that burlesque is for everyone, I certainly believe that we could all take a note or two from it. The most important messages of burlesque in my opinion are: the empowerment and liberation of a woman through self expression (very important indeed when burlesque was invented) and confidence in one's body. Most burlesque artists are normal women, like you and me. Women with regular bodies, who show off their bodies with the pride they deserve.
So, to celebrate a very stylish woman, and the ideologies of burlesque here are a few of Dita's more recent looks:
What could possibly be more glamorous than a figure-hugging red dress?

Miss Von Teese's fabulously quirky outfit at Coachella arts and music festival. The sailor hat just tops it off. I want!

Dita shows off her adorable style and cute sense of humour with this amazing getup. She can pull off this sexy librarian look like it's nobody's business.

Well, slap me on the bum and call me Sammy! This dress is just perfection. That's it.

My biggest source of envy is how terribly glamorous Dita looks in a pair of black leggings and a top. I wish I looked like that on my relaxed days!

I wrote this to pay homage to one of the classiest ladies in entertainment right now. I'm really going through a vintage-y, sophisticated phase and this is really the epitome of it. Can't wait to show you guys what else I can do!

Planning ahead

My boyfriend and I are graduating next year, and we were recently talking about how to leave our mark on the school. We figured the best way would be to wear something OUTRAGEOUS to the ceremony. Since were going to move to Scotland to continue our studies, he thought that it would be fitting to wear a kilt. We did a bit of inter-search and we found the most perfect kilt.
Where I live kilts are definitely not the norm, but if someone can pull it off he can.
I hope he goes through with it!!! (if he does I promise to let you know and post pics:)

If you live in Malaysia or China...

Lucky you! I just stumbled upon this website with TONS of amazing (and very affordable!) clothes that I'm simply lusting after. Unfortunately doesn't ship out of Asia, so I can't get my hands on these goodies :/

Here are some of my personal highlights, most of which cost under 10 euros!:

The perfectly chic jumpsuit. I would love to wear it with a small clutch bag and a belt around the waist.

A delightfully summery dress. Lace is timeless, of course, but it's really been coming back into style in masses after Kate's wedding dress wowed viewers everywhere. This is a cute lacy touch, without looking dowdy or too posh. 

The dress of my dreams! Just the right length, lovely boho-pattern, gorgeously flowy...mmmm. Must have, but how?
Adorable little romper with a vintage-y almost wall paper-like pattern. Simply amazing.
A basic t-dress you can grunge down or dress up. A must for summer-festivals as well as going out. I am obsessed with the details on the neckline. 
Another lovely romper. SO beautifully styled.
The best pants for summer. First of all: the burnt orange colour is certainly going to be one of the big hits this summer (i'm currently rocking it on my nails!) and it works beautifully with every skin tone. Secondly: the fit is very forgiving if you have a bit of that saddle bag thing going on, like yours truly. And they certainly look comfortable!

I swear I'm having a stylegasm right now, and I'm desperate to get some of these amazing pieces. So seriously, if you live within reach of this wonderful store, take advantage of it!!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

A recent purchase put to good use

I found this beauty of a dress at the flea market for a measly 50cents! I wore it to a bbq-party a week or so ago.
I fell in love with the colourful paisley print...and my delicious bbq-skewers! My coat is a cropped one from H&M a year or so ago. I'm obsessed with it, because it goes with almost anything!

Back to you with a fresh new outfit tomorrow!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

From the archives

A look from February, featuring my favourite coat (which I affectionately refer to as my second boyfriend):
Wintery Stockholm. Mum-made scarf, coat from the flea market (3 euros!!!!!), Zara floral top, Pieces Jeggins and army boots from the fleamarket, a DELICIOUS swedish hotdog and some shopping <3 Great day all together.

Things I'm loving right now- and why YOU should too! Episode 2

2. White vests preferably with knitted, crocheted or beaded details- Something you can throw over a dress to dress it down, or bring an earthy feel to a basic top and jeans combo. Dark vest a denim vests are already a staple, but this spring white ones are definitely making a comeback. While pure white works well with most clothes, I prefer to channel my inner hippie flower-child with a more natural shade of white or beige.
      When shopping for vests, make sure they fit well and hit you at the right spot. Otherwise you'll end up looking boxy or awkward. A well-chosen vest will accentuate your body: a loose crop will show off your toned tum, while a tighter one is flattering on a smaller chest. Add some ethnic jewellery (beads, colours, scarves) to spice up your look and you're done!

I recently found my dream vest from Zara, but there was a price to pay. Forty euros to be exact, but I've been wearing it with everything lately so I guess it's worth it.

Notice the uh-mazing beaded details! A real treasure :) 

Here's the look for less (8,75euros), a crocheted vest from Forever21:
And for those who want to channel the chic fifties instead we have a white denim vest, also from Forever21 (21,75euros):

I'm really loving this whole look, and I might have to rummage around my closet and make my own little version of we go with the stripes again. Turning into a bit of a fixation!

And that's it about 

Soundtrack of my spring

I'm a Tanzania girl (almost)born and raised, and even though I don't live there anymore I continue to see myself that way. So, naturally, I'm drawn to music with African beats and themes. This particular one is a favourite since childhood. I believe Eddy Grant's "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" is still quite current, even though apartheid has long passed. The serious subject aside, this is also one of my favourite songs to dance and chill out to :D If anyone knows similar music I'd be more than happy to hear about it!

It was a beautiful day

Today I had a park date with my boyfriend, followed by a trip to IKEA for hot-dogs and ice-cream! I decided to practice what I preach and wear a striped knit from H&M (trying to channel Audrey Hepburn here).

Knit originally from H&M, but since I bought it at the flea market it only cost me 2euros, shorts also from the flea market, blue ballerinas with crocheted details H&M (about 13euros) and classic aviator sunnies (my absolute favourites!)

A closer look at today's bag. A gorgeous vintage piece (late 60's- early 70's I'd say) that I saved from the thrift store. It still needs a bit of fixing up (I need to sew a new flap on top), but I couldn't help seeing the potential in it.

I'll keep this one short and sweet, thanks for reading.