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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of my favourite style stars

Dita Von Teese!

Beautiful?Check.Classy?With a capital "C".Nostalgic?always.Controversial?Few people get ahead in life by pleasing everyone.
It's hard to resist her classic Hollywood glamour paired with a twist of old-school pin-up naughtiness. While she is definitely very different from all my other sources of style inspiration and wears things I couldn't wear on a daily basis, she just has "it" (a quality that leaves me wanting more). Whenever I see a picture of her, whether it's working out, or shopping, she's always tip-top and polished. On one hand I admire how that woman can keep herself so immaculate 24/7, on the other it just amuses me how someone can be that driven. The other thing that amazes me is how she can keep that level of style and class know...sort of stripping! Even when she's down to the bare minimum what she maintains that extra bit of class. I call it controlled provoking. Love it.
While I don't think that burlesque is for everyone, I certainly believe that we could all take a note or two from it. The most important messages of burlesque in my opinion are: the empowerment and liberation of a woman through self expression (very important indeed when burlesque was invented) and confidence in one's body. Most burlesque artists are normal women, like you and me. Women with regular bodies, who show off their bodies with the pride they deserve.
So, to celebrate a very stylish woman, and the ideologies of burlesque here are a few of Dita's more recent looks:
What could possibly be more glamorous than a figure-hugging red dress?

Miss Von Teese's fabulously quirky outfit at Coachella arts and music festival. The sailor hat just tops it off. I want!

Dita shows off her adorable style and cute sense of humour with this amazing getup. She can pull off this sexy librarian look like it's nobody's business.

Well, slap me on the bum and call me Sammy! This dress is just perfection. That's it.

My biggest source of envy is how terribly glamorous Dita looks in a pair of black leggings and a top. I wish I looked like that on my relaxed days!

I wrote this to pay homage to one of the classiest ladies in entertainment right now. I'm really going through a vintage-y, sophisticated phase and this is really the epitome of it. Can't wait to show you guys what else I can do!