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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I'm loving right now- and why YOU should too! Episode 2

2. White vests preferably with knitted, crocheted or beaded details- Something you can throw over a dress to dress it down, or bring an earthy feel to a basic top and jeans combo. Dark vest a denim vests are already a staple, but this spring white ones are definitely making a comeback. While pure white works well with most clothes, I prefer to channel my inner hippie flower-child with a more natural shade of white or beige.
      When shopping for vests, make sure they fit well and hit you at the right spot. Otherwise you'll end up looking boxy or awkward. A well-chosen vest will accentuate your body: a loose crop will show off your toned tum, while a tighter one is flattering on a smaller chest. Add some ethnic jewellery (beads, colours, scarves) to spice up your look and you're done!

I recently found my dream vest from Zara, but there was a price to pay. Forty euros to be exact, but I've been wearing it with everything lately so I guess it's worth it.

Notice the uh-mazing beaded details! A real treasure :) 

Here's the look for less (8,75euros), a crocheted vest from Forever21:
And for those who want to channel the chic fifties instead we have a white denim vest, also from Forever21 (21,75euros):

I'm really loving this whole look, and I might have to rummage around my closet and make my own little version of we go with the stripes again. Turning into a bit of a fixation!

And that's it about 

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