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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cannes delivers (once again)

I always look forward to the red-carpet events at Cannes, because the warm weather and the sophisticated European atmosphere seems to inspire everyone to put there best foot forward!

Here are just a few of my absolute favourites of this year:
White, once again, was a winning colour in France. Uma Thurman definitely pulled it off with exemplary grace and style in this Versace creation. My god, she has to be one of the most stylish women alive. Having the perfect figure to show it all of, certainly doesn't hurt either! The hemline of this dress reminds me of Björk's notorious swan-dress, but in a toned-down, beautiful way.

Some other winning looks this year on Elizabeth Olsen (yes, related to the twins!) and Fan Bing Bing. Elizabeth (1st and 3rd pics) wears two GORGEOUS dresses from her big sister's clothing line the Row. I'm dying to get a white dress like that on my hands! Fan is the epitome of poise and glamour in Versace (apparently I'm having a bit of a style crush on their designs at the mo). 

One of my favourite celebrities, style-wise, is Tilda Swinton. She pulls of this classic librarian look with an edgy twist. It's hard to believe the woman's over fifty! I mean look at her, she's wearing barely any makeup!

The epitome of boho-chic, SJP certainly pulls off this look, although a quater-sleeve might have worked better for her tiny frame in this full-length dress. I absolutely adore this Elie Saab floral print, it's so versatile. I can just imagine the gorgous scarves, bags, blouses- even harem pants that it would work on. The black details at the waist, cuffs and neckline work as a finishing touch. My inner hippie jumps up and down at the sight of this!

Milla Jovovich's daytime look proves to us that multicoloured stripes are back this spring. If you want to channel this look, I've seen similar patterns in tops and dresses of various lengths in Zara. I might have to practise what I preach and get something colourful to celebrate spring and brighten up my monochrome wardrobe!

A newcomer , Astrid Bergés-Frisbey (from pirates of the Caribbean 4), stuns in this lacey-dream. By the end of the night the French hottie had her shoes off and continued to look breathtakingly gorgeous. Notice the adorable lizard tattoo on her foot- she seems to be so full of personality. She also impressed me with the rest of her sophisticated looks, making her definitely one to watch for style inspiration. I would love to know how she dresses during her free time...

I'm going to end this here before I get carried away! I've certainly been inspired to make some new additions to my wardrobe from this. So many amazing dresses, so little time. 

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