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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new outfit update...FINALLY

I've been having the most hectic spring ever, but thankfully now it's sort of cooling down. I started my five-day weekend today in the loveliest way. I slept in, went for coffee and a bit of shopping with my best friend and then made hot-dogs and sunbathed on the balcony with my boyfriend. Right now I'm experimenting with my new tea tree oil facemask from the Bodyshop (trying to get that flawless summer skin, I'll update you on that later!) and enjoying the first warm day in ages.
Today's look is a little recycled from one of my previous ones to illustrate how one piece can be worn in two very different ways.

Re-wearing my T-shirt dress (from first blog post), now giving it a more dressed down feel with a loose knit some chunky bracelets and a small leather bag (my lovely sister's).
My shining stars: Giuseppe Zanotti ballerinas. I'm not sure if it translates to the picture, but they sparkle!!! (and go with absolutely everything)

My "feelgood" bikinis, amazing hippie-printed wonder of a top and my trusty black bottoms. TIP: I only ever buy tops, and match them with the bottoms to save money for other purchases. Plus my bikini-bod which I've been working hard on. Not perfect, but hey, I love to eat to the extent I'm practically a Tribbiani! (And the camera adds about a bajillion pounds...right?!)
And, yes, I know sunbathing isn't good for you. I don't smoke or drink a lot or participate in any other destructive behaviour, so dammit I will sunbathe!!

Lovely day behind me, washed the mask off and my skin feels insanely smooth. Looking forward to another great day with my bestie tomorrow and getting rid of some of my old clothes at the flea market on Saturday.I hope I'll find it in me to wear something gorgeous tomorrow, so I can come out with another update.
Hope the sun shines wherever you are!!!

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