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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flipping hippies

Today I went to the World Village Festival, an event which features live music, food and arts and crafts from various countries. I got there quite early (ahem, 11am) and I managed to catch a Tanzanian guy singing in Swahili, which was pretty amazing and made me rather homesick. I went for a walkabout with my boyfriend and made him try some of my favourite food from when I was growing up in TZ (pilau, maharagwe and mboga). We caught the last few minutes of an accapella group performing and ate too much cotton candy.

The highlight of the festival was when Hazmat Modene, a jazz-ish band from NYC performed. Though their opening speech gave a rather awkward  impression of them (so, umm... nice seagulls you have here. Very nice), they redeemed themselves the second they started playing. You could really see the variety of people in the audience: hippies, hipsters, nerds, young people, older people, people of various ethnicities. It was truly incredible! Though the band was amazing, the true entertainment of the gig came from the hippies, who cleared out a small space for themselves in the crowd and were having a sort of rave, dancing like nobody was watching.
My fave performers, Hazmat Modine, from a distance.

My festival get-up: braving the cold and the rain in my trusty duffel coat, blue jeans, a pair of Chuck Taylor's, one of my new bags (form last post), a printed scarf and a black vest (top). And my bag of cotton candy!!!

Yes, I love cotton candy.

Now my boyfriend's falling asleep from boredom next to me, so I should probably leave it at this. 'Till next time.

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