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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things that make my day

The Lanvin Fall '11 campaign movie would be one of these. I love it when fashion doesn't take itself too seriously. Plus the clothes are super cool.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm the weather's fool

It was gorgeous and sunny all morning, so I wore something lighter. BAD CALL. Three minutes after I walk out it starts to pour (I like rain and all, but not cool). I get to the train stop, absolutely drenched, and as soon as I'm under the cover the rain stops. Off the train it's on again. On the bus, off again. And whaddoya know, it's raining again as soon as I get off. Serves me right, I guess :P
Had another cosy, homey evening trying to nurse this cold away.
And here's what I wore today:

I couldn't be arsed to go outside so this will have to do. My red vintage 80s blazer, stripy Zara toppy tunic thing and leggings. Simple.

My trio of stud earrings. Yum.

Tango ballerinas, via my BFF (whom I miss terribly!)

Matching nails to my outfit= awesome, unusual effort. Notice multiple finger bling.

Lots and lots of love (and a little more, just in case).


Monday, August 29, 2011

Evening Euphoria

Another one of my beautiful, cherished rainy days. Didn't have too much school. Spent most of the day curled under a blanket with- well, I think you know who :P. With hot chocolate and carrot cake served to me. Did I die and go to heaven? Another drenched, dark, wonderful car ride. And yet another hasty outfit post wearing the same gorgeous cape.
However, today is one of those days when I feel as though nothing's stopping me: I handed in my dreaded essay (on time!!) and I think it turned out pretty good, I did my preliminary English exam and it seemed easy, I found my new favourite cafe (with some help from a friend) and I finally feel de-stressed, at least in this moment.
Yes, I'll probably feel overpowered by tasks ahead when I wake up tomorrow, but for now I will sit back and enjoy life.

Basic grungy/shabby chic look: Zara chinos, The Ramones shirt and my mexican cape (which you will be seeing a lot of!)

Little second hand ballerinas. I absolutely fell in love with the chain detail!

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. So, it doesn't really fit the title of this post, but I love it (and heck, it's my blog!).

Peace, love and marshmallows to you all!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

The last of the summer wine

This weekend I celebrated the end of summer (Venetian festival, as they call it) up north with my boyfriend and his family. This included walking around the old town and the market square, traditional activities such as viewing a rowing contest, high jumping (a family tradition...),eating out at a lovely sailing club and shooting fireworks at night. We also went out for a midnight drive, which was pretty spectacular: the coastline was dotted with candles as far as the eye could see and fireworks went off at regular intervals.
Since the town where H's family is from, Kokkola, is pretty far north it was a 6 hour drive both ways. On Friday we made the most of the time and relaxed: long naps and a movie (Trainspotting, which I HIGHLY recommend!). Today I was fairly well rested, so I decided to study for my matriculation exams instead, while of course taking breaks to observe the gorgeous summery countryside.
Perfect ending to a perfect summer.

And here's a huge EXPLOSION of photos:

Friday outfit: black playsuit, dad's jacket, felt hat, biker boots

ASOS earring (hot air balloon one)

Saturday outfit: Gina Tricot poncho, Zara velvet shorts, Vila shirt and my gorgeous thrifted bikers.

H's cousin's puppy

Saturday evening: basic sequined shift dress, H&M block heels

There is also a bunch of very unflattering pictures taken of my and H napping in the car, but I think it's better that nobody ever sees them.

I hope you all had an incredible week end :)
Lots of love from a very tired Ninja.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The stuff of legends

I will be off to H's grandparent's summer place tomorrow for the weekend and since the weather's supposed to be quite nice I'll expect to wear shorts and stuff :)
 I recently purchased a Mexican/Native American style poncho and I want to incorporate it into one of my outfits. This got me thinking about a recent trend that I'm absolutely mad about: cowboys and indians.I have always been fascinated with old westerns, John Wayne and all. I've grown up reading stories about the wild west and it's a symbol of mystery and adventure to me.

 I love how very American and nostalgic the theme is, I love the bohemian aspect to it, the comfort...everything really. It's so cool and practical (how I like to see myself :P).

Sometimes people like to overlap while trying this trend which is pretty cool, but I've still tried to "organize" these :)


Indians (my pick of the moment):

So, whose side are you on?


ASOS wants

I honestly think that I should be a paid ambassador for ASOS, with all the free advertising I do for them ;)
I have been at home ill today (incredibly sore throat and the whole shebang) so I've had plenty of time to browse- and I have found some treasures!

I love Africa and I love dungarees so what could possibly go wrong? Well you'll have to wait to find out, because these Asos Africa dungarees are absolutely perfect, at around 30 euros I can't really afford them right now...but maybe soon. Big want :)
I fell in love with this print at first glance!
Perfect colour, great buttons, good length :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Premature autumn flue

 School photos today and honestly I couldn't be arsed about how I look. I got up, threw on a pair of shorts and a tee, did my face and ran out the door. And this exceeded my expectations. Reason: my yearly autumn flue has decided to hit early and I honestly don't feel up to anything.
At picture time I got really mad at the photographer because he called me a really offensive word for short people (in Finnish, no direct translation to Eng.) so that sort of spoiled that for me, but I think the picture turned out alright nevertheless. I also took a group shot with 7 of my closest friends and it ended up being quite the hot mess :P Three people sitting on chairs, H planking on them, me sitting on H and three other people in the back fighting to get in the frame. EPIC!
After school I had chicken Caesar bagels with my girl, J and we actually ran into some old friends. Lovely lovely afternoon, despite feeling a little under the weather.
If I'm not any better tomorrow I'll stay home and do my best to get well, because on Friday H and I are heading with his fam to his grandparents' summer place and I would HATE to miss it :/

Here's my photo day outfit:

Beatles tee, topshop shorts, lindex cardigan

Thrifted earrings and ring from Istanbul

my watch pendant
And my favourite new accessory: MY TEETH :) (zero braces. aaaah!)

All in all another happy day in the life of Ninja, although there are a few things I would definitely change.

Love and kisses.
PLEASE try to avoid the autumn flue, it's really no fun at all (I'm starting to sound like my mum here).