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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I wish I was a rainbow

Yesterday was rainy on the outside, but all sunshine for me :) I finally got one of my best mates back from the states and we caught up over some lunch. Afterwards I met up with my boyfriend, drove up to my place and Headed to the rainy forest for some OOTD pics. Later we had tiramisu while watching a TERRIBLE "horror" movie about a nanny who kills people...yeah, complete waste of time. Afterwards we played a bit of scrabble (my favourite :)

I love love love rain :)

The Who- shirt from a market in Istanbul, leggings and a 2nd hand blazer. Pretty basic :)

Vintage men's dress-shoes. A few sizes too big, so what?

For some reason my computer wouldn't connect to my new camera (even though I downloaded the software) so I had to wait until I got a memory card reader thingyme-bobby. Got it+it works= happy Ninja.




Shanequa said...

Hot blazer! I also love the vintage men's dress shoes. Lovely style darling :)

Heidi said...

ihana blogi! lukijaksi! ;)

xx H