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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When life gives you lemons, scramble the letters and make melons

This morning I posted that we'd be heading to the summer house. Well something came up, and we had to stay in town. So instead we went for a walk around town (I love that he lives in the center!) and I did a bit of accidental (but much needed!) shopping. I also took him to meet an old friend who works in town and later we split a yummy bagel and a doughnut. mmmmm....DOUGHNUTS!
Because we missed out on a roadtrip today, we're gonna drive down to this really lovely old sea-side town to pick up his parents tomorrow. Can't wait!


A patterned top from Turkey and my trusty TOPSHOP shorts (yep, I didn't pack too many clothes for this week :P)

Topped off with an apple-pendant (barely visible, sorry!) and a cross between moccasins and gladiators (from H&M)

shoes shoes shoes. a woman's best friends:

Gorgeous wellies from replay. They almost look like riding boots/bikers...(I'm having trouble deciding)

Basic black canvas-shoes with a platform. Perfect for a pint-sized little lady like myself!

Some of the day's jewellery:
I ordered these from ASOS a few weeks ago and finally got to wearing some. Today's choices were the bike and the flippers. I'm saving the hot-air balloon (my fave!) for later :)




DediLovesFashion said...

great outfit. =)

a sip of fashion baby said...

lovely post and pics!! <3
check out my new post about paris street style! 8)
follow each other?

Alba M said...

Love ur hairstyle :)

Peiyinn said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
The basic canvas-shoes is love! <3
May I know where did you get it from?

Ninja said...

Oh sorry, I missed that. I got them from MONKI :D

Danii said...

Great blog! I got a top like that and I still dont know how to wear it. THanks for the inspiration :P

Helen said...

Gorgeous outfit!
You have excelent taste in clothes and a wonderful blog! :) xx