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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Channelling Glasto

It was rainy again. I saw my wellies and they reminded me of pictures I've seen of Glastonbury style. I went all the way and did the whole wellies and shorts thing and I think I'm going to have my own imaginary festival in my bedroom with a lineup of my choice and just jump around and freak out like I was in a mosh pit :)
I FINALLY got my bestie back from France and the UK. Thank goodness. We caught up at the fleamarket, where we both made very good finds. The girl literally showered me with gifts (including a gorgeous floral playsuit from New Look and lots of food).Later we bummer a ride home with H, which was pretty funny (we had a little party in the backseat).

Crocker cut-offs paired with a flowy top with lace details (Gina Tricot) and an extended waistcoat (MONKI). Accessories include a little handbag with a quilt-print and sunnies in the style of Lennon.

My new wellies put to good use!

Owl pendant from my Belgian godmother 

Brooch with chain tassels from MONKI

A (faux) fur hat that I just HAD to buy. But hey, it only cost a euro. And me, looking ever so fresh *cough, cough*
Levi's jeans and beige trousers from Zara. Also got a pair of Zara jeans (not pictured)

I didn't even buy these. I mention to my friend that I need new ballet-flats (the Zanottis are almost dead) and hey-presto there's a pair waiting for me in her bag. God, she knows me well!

I've been craving for a great pair of biker boots, ta-duh!

White slim Chucks

A parka from H&M kids, boy's section.

There was the creme de la creme of my finds ;) There's quite a bit more, but I'm far too lazy to post all of it. 
The rest of my second to last day of holidays is going to be spent over a pile of magazines, mozzarella pizza and the clotted cream fudge my friend (let's call he S, shall we?) brought :) Perfection. Road-trip again tomorrow!!! :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer lovelies



Anonymous said...

I love your accessories!
great post x

Rae said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love that H&M parka. Can't beleive it's from the boys department!

fashion suicides said...

You got so many great finds! Wish I had an eye to see stuff like you! Love the fact you bought a jacket for boys, I do the same. When I'm in a store I check the women and youth collection but also the pregant, big, girl, boy and men collection! You can always find good stuff and nobody will have it, haha!


Ninja said...

Exactly! Who cares what the label says as long as you think that it looks good :)


Esther said...

Love everything you bought. I think biker boots are a must for any girl and Iam still searching for my perfect ones ;)

a sip of fashion baby said...

i like the bikers!! <3
thanks for your comment it's absolutely sweet!!!

Kat said...

your vest is amazing!!! love your boots too :)

Stevia said...

your friend is too kind
lucky you!

the ballet flats is too pretty!


larissa said...

Nice outfits! And lovely items.

Mery said...

Lovely blog . !

Anonymous said...

the details on your outfit are amazing! love your blog! I'm now following you!
xx s