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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow

Today was chaotic (to say the least). I had every intention of wearing something devastatingly gorgeous, show up and stick it to the people who love to make life hard for me. The weather seemed to disagree. I ended up going all autumny (layers, coat,hat, wellies etc.). I was completely drenched once I walked in, so I think my great entry looked like a sad, wet mouse sneaking down the stairs and slipping on the final one. Yep, that's me. 

We only had school for a few hours and all of it was homeroom, which just turned into a massive argument between the loudest folk. Though I think that I'm very capable of voicing my opinion I had no interest in getting caught up in all that drama. It got so bad people actually stormed out. Haha. Thank god I don't have to take this for much longer.

There were funny parts to the day as well, like seeing all of our epic teachers and giving them a HUGE round of applause. It was also cute/funny to see the new firsties arrive (H's little sister in tow).
It was a blast seeing my friends again and we went to mcD's to hang out and gossip about the day and giggle for a few hours before heading to town to pick up some school essentials (krhm, eyeliner...). Were back to our old trick of planning trips and events.So I can feel a good year coming on.

On one hand I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I know that my mates are there for me, but some people I'd rather not have to face again.
So sorry about the rant (but I HAD to take it out somewhere!!!!).

OOTD and other stuff:

Replay wellies, Levi's jeans (I do love my denim labels), an anchor-t layered under a basic grey knit and what I call the lovechild of a trench and a blazer (from MONKI). I totally ignored the accessories (BAD ninja), but I did manage to throw on a hat.

As I was leaving my mother had to mention that she thought that I looked like a hobo...I don't know about that but I do like a lot of hoboish clothes (there I go with the inventing of new words again...)

I got home a little peed off from today so I re-organized my shoes and bags and jewellery (some pictured)

That didn't help so I took a nap and lit some lily-scented incense afterwards. I feel a bit better now.

Looking forward to tomorrow: new day-new clothes :P, hanging out with H after school, going to IKEA during our skip-lessons with my mates and having art with one of my favourite teachers (lovely, slightly bohemian and gossipy).
This week I can also look forward to seeing one of my favourite bands, Flogging Molly, play at a night-club :) An added bonus is that one of my best friends (J, who I hung out with today) is joining me for it. More about that later, though!


Nelson said...

onnistuit näyttää pitkält tos tokas kuvas :D

Chloe C said...

Love your wellington boot styling!

Yeliz said...

girl how amazingggg is your hair and that it dear, you're writing is such a joy <3

JaanElin said...

Suitsukkeiden tuoksu on niin rauhoittavaa. Ei kovin perisuomalaista ja itsekin opin sen Ranskassa. Onneksi on Indiska <3

arno said...

Funny, I posted the same Beatles video in my blog!
Cool outfit!