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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Falling in love

Right after I moved back from Tanzania I lived for the summer and nothing else would do. Ever since I started to really care about what I wore I instantly fell in love with the in-betweens. These days I love autumn because of it's warm, earthy tones, chunky shoes, layers, knits, scarves and JACKETS.
The leaves outside are still green, and I will cherish that as long as it lasts- but I can't help being excited about the coming season!

Here's some autumn-y inspiration:

I can't wait to play around with a look like these!

This one is not too current (08 I think), but I think that the red tones translate pretty well to today. At least for colour blocking :) And I am weak for those hats!

Obviously I do NOT own any of the images above (how could I ever reach that level of excellence? :P). 

What inspires YOU this autumn?
Tell me in the comments!



Kat said...

loving all these pics! really great inspiration!!! im so excited for fall! even though that means school, i LOVE pulling out all my boots and cardigans :)

Andrea Marie said...

Love all the pics! I'm also a fan of the in-between seasons. Autumn is my FAVORITE!!

xo andrea marie

Nicole said...

my biggest inspiration for every season is 60s fashion ! :))
and these photos are amazing :)

Katie said...

Gorgeous pictures! ox

Aine O said...

This is some Autumn-y goodness!! I'm very excited about wearing chunky knits and think socks with boots!! This is a lovely post and thank you for the message!! Beautiful! Xx

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Hi There,
First thank you for visiting my blog the other day and the nice comments about Turkey (my home country).
I love that hoodie photo for some reason. I am going to see if I can duplicate with my own stuff.
I haven't put much thought into fall yet. Summer tends to last way long here.
So, you lived in Tanzania! How cool is that. I haven't been (just Kenya) but would love to go.

Cicatrix said...

kiva et joku on sitä mielt et osaan kirjottaa :))

Esther said...

What inspires me this autumn is mostly aztec prints and florals.
And also lookbook ;D

p.s you lived in tanzania? how cool. Its like my neighbor country :D

Anonymous said...

Love these photos, and your blog! I'm now following you!
Xx so