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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

University offer from Dundee!!!! :)

I am one happy Ninja!

I want

In honour of the Beatles, a feather with blackbirds (possibly just four of them). Quite small and placed on my rib cage (almost sideboob), so it's nicely covered most of the time (job reasons). Maybe with the lyrics: "Love is all, love is you" from Because...


Friday, February 24, 2012

Enough said. Now I'm going to have some incredibly delicious banoffee cake :) Followed by
 the after-ski. Yeeeehaw!

P.s. You can look forward to a huge photo-splash from Lapland and some very overdue valentines day photos as soon as I get back home. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

We have a guest!

Hey guys, I'm enjoying a week of snowboarding in Lapland with my very own snowman. This leaves very little time to blog...SO we have an exciting little guest surprise post from my sister's friend, wonderful photographer, all around stylish girlie and fellow blogger: Liisi

Enjoy, I'll get back to you ASAP. 

xxx Ninja

Hey guys!

I'm Liisi, a 15-year old blogger from Finland. Ninja kindly asked me to do a guest post here so you'll have something to read while she's off on her small break. If anyone's wondering, me and Irinja know each other through her little sister who is my close friend. As I mentioned, I also have a blog, which is focused of clothes, photography, friends and my life in general. I write it together with my friend Linda, unfortunately in Finnish only so far. I hope you go check it out! Right now I'm stationed in Vienna, where my shopaholic-self kicks in and I'll be posting about the consequences..

But so much for the introduction. Since this is a fashion blog, I thought I'd introduce you to my sense of fashion and clothing. I've been called bi-polar fashion-wise, so I find it hard to specify my style. One day you see me strutting in heels wearing a blazer and carrying a leather purse, and the next I'm in my Converse, wearing a flannel shirt and baggy pants. My mood determines my style and it changes daily, but either way I like to keep it simple. At the moment , I'm more into the tomboy look, my favorite accessories being my bright blue Ponke's beanie and red, worn out Converse. As an ultimate summer person, I can't wait for spring and summer. Do you have a favorite outfit in mind for the warm weathers? Mine is stone-washed, high wasted shorts paired with my Vans top from the pic and a cropped leather jacket.. Dear snow, please melt...
 An example of a more subtle and "girly" outfit. Paired it with wedge ankle boots
Me and Linda

my favorite pieces at the moment

That's enough rambling for now, thank you loads:)!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And now I managed to dig up a few pics from H's iphone. Even though "my" decade has always been the 60s...I'm getting quite attached to this look as well. I can see it working superbly in the summer!

Sorry about the crap quality, but this is the first photo of my outfit so far :P Just aa very basic pinup-ish look with heels, high waisted shorts, a white tee, leopard print knit, the compulsory headscarf and COCACOLA earrings :) Also check out H's cute look (and awkward pose :P hehe)
This is backstage before our abi show (senior show), which I clumsily hosted :P

Tonight (or tomorrow morning?) at 4pm we embark on our journey to Lapland! Time to get into my "snowboarding babe" mode ;)


Pictures are worth a 1000 words

Congratulations to the Seniors, From Ursula (a cafe)
Leaving the school
This picture of us made it into Finland's biggest online newspaper (and they mentioned that our truck was the coolest!) we have to see if they actually publish it!
Notice the banner of the pinup sitting on the hood of a car (I'll try to get you a better picture soon!).
Here's a look into a silly Finnish tradition where seniors (called ABIs here) take a truck ride through the city center on their last official day of school and throw candy at people.  Yesterday was our turn after year and years of waiting. And yeah, most of the time we were singing or screaming our heads off, not looking too graceful...but hey, at least we had fun!
Photos credited to my lovely friend and fellow classmate Soffi, who was one of the few who remembered to bring a camera. Well done!

I'll be adding some more pictures as they pop up on FB (I forgot my camera, I have to rely on stealing pics).

Hope you've enjoyed this photo explosion!



Today was the official last day of school for us seniors (although I haven't had classes for two weeks), so we had a show (mocking teachers and remembering our years together). The theme of the day for us was the 50s so here's a sneak peek of my look:

Ninja the Pinup ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Music orgasm in 1,2,3. Ahhh. Perfect blend of voices and a lovely 60s/70s vibe. ooooh mama!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Layering for my life

The temperature lately has been nearing -20 degrees Celcius and it's wiiiindy. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I have now taken to wearing layers and layers of anything imaginable. Here's a prime example. Desperate is also my tiredness so instead of finding my USB I decided to copy+paste this picture and the list of components in my outfit from lookbook. Yes, I'm lazy (you should know by now!).
Leather Gloves, Vintage Leather Jacket, Vintage Leather Shorts, Monki Booties, About Three Pairs Of Leggings, T Shirt (Not Visible), Knit Sweater, Checked Shirt, H&M Faux Fur Gilet, Ray Ban Aviators, David Beanie


    , in JACKETS

    , in SHORTS



    , in LEGWEAR

    , in SHIRTS (BASIC)

    , in SWEATERS

    , in SHIRTS (BASIC)


    , in VESTS


    , in EYEWEAR
  11. BEANIE


    , in HATS

I sure as hell hope that it won't be -35 in Lapland the week after the next, as my bf's sister claims. They might have to bring me back in a coffin.



1st final done, four more to go! I sat my 6 h Finnish exam today. Ew. And it doesn´t feel like it went too well. Now I have to start studying Geography like crazy. Luckily I have a week of snowboarding in Lapland to cool things off.
I managed to book a cute venue for my birthday party: a back room of a beer-cellar (it was free and I can bring my own food!). And I've sent out invitations to my loveliest people, and judging by the RSVP's, it's going to be quite the party.
Next week we have our senior-day celebrations (driving around on the back of a pickup and throwing candy...damn Finns and their weird traditions).
Exciting news!!! I booked tickets for a lovely holiday in Istanbul with my own little pumpkin boy. We're officially going next July. Ahhhhhh :) I just have to make it through this spring.

Sorry again about being MIA, life has been positively INSANE. However I have a little surprise guest post brewing for you later this month, so hang on. Tomorrow and Sunday is just work for me and my next exam's on Tuesday. Wowies.

Happy February!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Going to work

Just a silly little pre-work outfit. I thought that it was reasonable to showcase it as it's the first time I've worn sunnies in AGES it's finally getting brighter outside outside of working hours and I'm cherishing it! Today I work in the morning till 4 and then H will pick me up for some grocery shopping as I plan to make him a delicious chicken wok with fried noodles. And then pancakes for breakfast. Am I the best gf or what?

Basic: sweter, vintage denim shirt, tartan leggings, boots from tamarind and a thrifted duffel coat.


Black and red

How cute are these knee-high socks that I got from my bestie's mum for Christmas???
I wore them with basic booties, tights, my faaavourite knit sweater from the fleamarket, topshop denim shorts and a detachable faux-leather peter pan-collar from pieces. Tadaa!

I don't know what it was about this outfit, but I got A LOT of weird looks and wolf whistles. I didn't find it slutty at all!


One of my favourite things

Spring is not far away, and that means summer isn't either (unbeatable logic, I know), and that means that I have to start to form this body into something that looks a little less like a baby seal and more like a gazelle :P
My favourite way to incorporate healthy ingredients into my diet is actually a very simple green salad (Roman mix) with cherry tomatoes and a light vinaigrette and s&p (a MUST). Add chicken and it makes a meal, but works gorgeously as a side (I ate some pasta con pesto alla genovese and cherry tomatoes). Simple, delicious and ready in like 10 minutes. I pretty much live on that combo nowadays :) (and subs, as I work at subway....) In addition to all of the above I also make a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie every day to get me those vitamins. I've also been doing regular Zumba and walks, so I hope to start noticing a teeny tiny bit of a difference.

What's your favourite healthy food?
Do you have a fitness plan for spring?
Any fun sporty activities?
I'd love to know some new easy recipes/ideas!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sorry about this ridiculously long silence! I have been working insane shifts and these finals are creeping up on me like nobody's business (next one in a week!!!). I have a few outfit posts lined up for you lot so stay tuned.

Lots of love,