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Thursday, February 16, 2012

And now I managed to dig up a few pics from H's iphone. Even though "my" decade has always been the 60s...I'm getting quite attached to this look as well. I can see it working superbly in the summer!

Sorry about the crap quality, but this is the first photo of my outfit so far :P Just aa very basic pinup-ish look with heels, high waisted shorts, a white tee, leopard print knit, the compulsory headscarf and COCACOLA earrings :) Also check out H's cute look (and awkward pose :P hehe)
This is backstage before our abi show (senior show), which I clumsily hosted :P

Tonight (or tomorrow morning?) at 4pm we embark on our journey to Lapland! Time to get into my "snowboarding babe" mode ;)


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