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Friday, February 10, 2012


1st final done, four more to go! I sat my 6 h Finnish exam today. Ew. And it doesn´t feel like it went too well. Now I have to start studying Geography like crazy. Luckily I have a week of snowboarding in Lapland to cool things off.
I managed to book a cute venue for my birthday party: a back room of a beer-cellar (it was free and I can bring my own food!). And I've sent out invitations to my loveliest people, and judging by the RSVP's, it's going to be quite the party.
Next week we have our senior-day celebrations (driving around on the back of a pickup and throwing candy...damn Finns and their weird traditions).
Exciting news!!! I booked tickets for a lovely holiday in Istanbul with my own little pumpkin boy. We're officially going next July. Ahhhhhh :) I just have to make it through this spring.

Sorry again about being MIA, life has been positively INSANE. However I have a little surprise guest post brewing for you later this month, so hang on. Tomorrow and Sunday is just work for me and my next exam's on Tuesday. Wowies.

Happy February!

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