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Saturday, February 4, 2012

One of my favourite things

Spring is not far away, and that means summer isn't either (unbeatable logic, I know), and that means that I have to start to form this body into something that looks a little less like a baby seal and more like a gazelle :P
My favourite way to incorporate healthy ingredients into my diet is actually a very simple green salad (Roman mix) with cherry tomatoes and a light vinaigrette and s&p (a MUST). Add chicken and it makes a meal, but works gorgeously as a side (I ate some pasta con pesto alla genovese and cherry tomatoes). Simple, delicious and ready in like 10 minutes. I pretty much live on that combo nowadays :) (and subs, as I work at subway....) In addition to all of the above I also make a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie every day to get me those vitamins. I've also been doing regular Zumba and walks, so I hope to start noticing a teeny tiny bit of a difference.

What's your favourite healthy food?
Do you have a fitness plan for spring?
Any fun sporty activities?
I'd love to know some new easy recipes/ideas!


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