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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling nauti(cal)

A bit of inspiration from the sailors: Fishbone dungarees, H&M stripy top and thrifted ballerinas

Bag from PIECES

Went shopping and found a great pair of shoes for about a tenner (from MONKI). Gotta love the summer-sales!

Had another great day with the best friend: walked around for hours, went to Maccy D's and had ice-cream. We've had warm week so far, and we're heading to the beach tomorrow in the hopes that the lovely weather continues (more about that tomorrow)!



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A girl can dream...

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 jewellery line has come out with some handbags and I might sell my mother for a month of indentured labour  for one of these beauties (for the record: not really...but almost). The prices start at 165 dollars,  too bad I don't have hundreds and hundreds of dollars just lying about.

I've been on the lookout for the perfect hard clutch/hard-case bag and these four really fill the criteria:

The red one is calling to me ("ninja....ninjaaaa...My precioussss") ...If only!

These beauties both made my day and sent me into a deep dark pit of gloom. What a tease!


Glam-iators let loose

A kaftan-y tunic-y type of thing (with shorts under!)

Some sort of gladiator sandals, only one euro from the (need I say?) fleamarket.

One of my favourite bags

And some jewellery from Tanzania: 

Don't you love it when you see and old friend and you pick up right were you left things? Well that's the story of my day! We went shopping but just ended up walking in circles and chatting for HOURS. It's great to know that even though I might not see her all the time, she's still here for me.
Despite the distractions, I did happen to find quite a nice necklace for 3,60 euros (-70% !!!) and a hair-repair treatment thingy (which I'll tell more about later once I figure it out). 
Today's my last day dogsitting the puppy...and as icky as it is sometimes I think I'll actually miss it!
I have great plans on what to wear tomorrow, I just hope I still like it in the morning (I'm prone to mood-swings) :)

Lots of love,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shades of grey

 So, one thing that proves that I'm a girl is my undying love for chocolate. We've had a rather intimate relationship for a while now and today we hit a new high...more about that soon...I've had a pretty perfect day: woke up next to my boyfriend and surprised him with breakfast in bed (yes, I'm the best girlfriend ;) and in the afternoon I went shopping with my friend (I found a great pair of earrings!). We came back to my house and made iced choco-mocha drinks, brownies, watched friends and went for a bit of a pizza-run. Perfection! Although after a few days of not eating too much (out of laziness) today's binge is hitting me pretty hard :P Here come the chocolate sweats...

Gorgeous sheer blouse from ASOS (like 50 sizes too big, but that's the way I love it) and a pair of high-waist shorts from Gina Tricot.

Notice the dangling earrings with little pearls on them (LOVE!). They were only a euro at the fleamarket.

Based on the way I'm feeling, the diet starts tomorrow...after I finish off the brownies...and the pizza ;)

all the best


Monday, June 27, 2011

And it's warm again!

Summer's back after a few weeks of  ridiculously  chilly weather!
 Today I'm heading for town for a history study-date at a café (I have my matriculations coming up in the autumn, so I have to get cracking). I might let myself take a peek at the sales, but I'm going "officially" tomorrow with my trusty shopping sidekick.
 I have been dog sitting for almost two weeks now, and as sweet as the puppy is it makes a HUGE mess everywhere and howls like I've never heard I'll be more than happy to return it on Thursday.

Here's my outfit inspired by yesterdays research: 

Maxi dress thrifted (only 20 effing cents! Definately one of my better finds) I'm thinking of shortening it after a few wears to make it more versatile (gotta make the most of those 20c), quite a bit of jewellery, my denim crop vest and my Giuseppe Zanotti ballerinas.

Ear cuff with a chain from an ethnic store here. Cost about 7euros.

Bracelet from Liberia and my new favourite nail polish. I love the peachy-beige with my skin tone. I just recently found it from the bottom of my nail polish container and I hate that the label had rubbed off so I can't tell where I could get more... If you know of brands with similar colours lemme know! :)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today I swear I'm not doing anything...

Or wearing anything for that matter....pretty literally might I add.

Today I failed at:

  • sewing (majorly, I ended up with a nice high-waist skirt that reveals my bum.)
  • cleaning (I emptied a cupboard and left the contents on the floor)
  • cooking (burnt brussel sprouts and made pasta that gave me a tummy-ache)
From all this I conclude that I won't make much of a house-wife and maybe a sex-change might be in order if someone expects me to behave according to certain stereotypes (I have often wondered if I was indeed a gay man in a past life...)

Here's some lovely LAZY, casual, thrown together, hobo/boho/hippie/festival chic outfits that make me giddy with excitement and channel my mood to the "T" (whatever is this famous "T" we speak of?):

I can see an outfit forming in my head...I just hope it's warm enough for it tomorrow!!! :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A midsummer night's update

Here's my weekend in pictures: 

A bit of vintage inspiration for our road-trip: dotted blouse, crocker jeans (chopped into shorts), H&M wedges and my  gorgeous (MINI) suitcase.

I alternated between the map and glamour (ahhh bliss) and he did all the hard driving.

To (try to) add to the vintage look I pinned my hair up (also because it was still oily from my oil treatment. It's cool now, btw).

Check out my delicious earrings from Mic Mac!

I couldn't NOT show off these bright clogs I wear at our summer house. 

We found the most adorable and vibrant coloured egg!

A midsummer eve's (juhannus) tradition: a bonfire. Behind a glimpse of the summer house.

Beautiful sunset at around 10 pm. The sun was up again soon after (actually by the time we got to sleep at 3am it was bright as day again!)

a bit of artsy-fartsy photography.

Enjoying the sunset (and the great light for taking pictures... ;)

The perfect treat!
My outfit for the day after and the drive back: Beatles sweatshirt, tartan leggings, my new walking shoes and my "fat-jacket"

Happy midsummer to you all!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magic tricks

I will be making a disappearing act right about....tomorrow. So don't get TOO worried if you don't here from me in a few days (I know I've been anally consistent, but sometimes no can do.) First I'll be going on a bit of a road-trip with the boyfriend after which we'll be celebrating midsummer (do other people do it or is it just a nordic/pagan thing?) at my family's summerhouse with an array of family friends. If all goes well I'll be back by Sunday with a few outfit pictures and whole lot of other material (unless I get lazy or frustrated in my lack of skills, of course. In which case I'll come back with nothing). To appease my gods (you) I have an older outfit picture that will hopefully make you refrain from creating tidal-waves and such (haha, like I'm that special :P). Sorry about the fact that the actual outfit is pretty much cropped out, this was the only pic where I looked relatively human.

Outfit from a birthday party a while back: Zara floaty floral dress and my favourite MONKI blazer with a  bunch of bracelets and a bad hair day. Enjoy ;)

Early morning online shopping

Yesterday I was browsing the ASOS-sales and I found a gorgeous ear-cuff that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. In my usual manner I decided to sleep on it, so I wouldn't regret my purchase....but the second I woke up this morning I had to get up and check whether it was still there. And whaddoya know, I ordered it on the spot...It should come in about two weeks...eeek!

The price for this beauty was around nine euros and I'm pretty sure it was worth every cent (I have to see it and try it on first!)

There are still SO many things I want, but I might have to (unfortunately) give my card a break for a while....


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To dye or not to dye....?

As you may have noticed, for the past day I've been all about the hair. That's because I'm going through a bit of an identity crisis with it and I'm hoping a bit of change will help yank me out of it (or then it'll just make matters worse...). I've just recently managed to grow my hair long so I can't cut it. I simply can't go blonde and darker hair would make me look so pale (not necessarily a bad thing) 
There's only one option left: I'm thinking I wanna go red!!! What further motivates me is how these beautiful ladies pull it off so well. However, I think I'll go for a subtle change first, by just adding a hint of colour and then working up from there if it turns out tolerable.
Don't know who this is, but the juxtaposition of the hair against her skin just takes my breath away. Sometimes I think life would've been more interesting had I been born a ginger...
Lily Cole, my ultimate hair-crush.
I love the vintage styling in this picture and the way the fiery locks work (again) with Christina Hendricks' gorgeous skin. Not a real red-head, by the way (gives me hope) 
Lucille Ball, not a real red-head either. Yet she managed to pull off this vibrant shade...
I should probably go for a more toned down look like Isla Fishers, since my skin is less porcelain more olive (actually not even olive, just a bit blah). I'm hoping this might brighten up my look a bit.

What do you think? Red: yay or nay?


Update: so, apparently even Katy Perry is ranga now. I want!