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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today I swear I'm not doing anything...

Or wearing anything for that matter....pretty literally might I add.

Today I failed at:

  • sewing (majorly, I ended up with a nice high-waist skirt that reveals my bum.)
  • cleaning (I emptied a cupboard and left the contents on the floor)
  • cooking (burnt brussel sprouts and made pasta that gave me a tummy-ache)
From all this I conclude that I won't make much of a house-wife and maybe a sex-change might be in order if someone expects me to behave according to certain stereotypes (I have often wondered if I was indeed a gay man in a past life...)

Here's some lovely LAZY, casual, thrown together, hobo/boho/hippie/festival chic outfits that make me giddy with excitement and channel my mood to the "T" (whatever is this famous "T" we speak of?):

I can see an outfit forming in my head...I just hope it's warm enough for it tomorrow!!! :)


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