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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To dye or not to dye....?

As you may have noticed, for the past day I've been all about the hair. That's because I'm going through a bit of an identity crisis with it and I'm hoping a bit of change will help yank me out of it (or then it'll just make matters worse...). I've just recently managed to grow my hair long so I can't cut it. I simply can't go blonde and darker hair would make me look so pale (not necessarily a bad thing) 
There's only one option left: I'm thinking I wanna go red!!! What further motivates me is how these beautiful ladies pull it off so well. However, I think I'll go for a subtle change first, by just adding a hint of colour and then working up from there if it turns out tolerable.
Don't know who this is, but the juxtaposition of the hair against her skin just takes my breath away. Sometimes I think life would've been more interesting had I been born a ginger...
Lily Cole, my ultimate hair-crush.
I love the vintage styling in this picture and the way the fiery locks work (again) with Christina Hendricks' gorgeous skin. Not a real red-head, by the way (gives me hope) 
Lucille Ball, not a real red-head either. Yet she managed to pull off this vibrant shade...
I should probably go for a more toned down look like Isla Fishers, since my skin is less porcelain more olive (actually not even olive, just a bit blah). I'm hoping this might brighten up my look a bit.

What do you think? Red: yay or nay?


Update: so, apparently even Katy Perry is ranga now. I want!


Paulien said...

Red hair is SO pretty but I think it's so hard to "fake" it.. So I think you should find a supergood hairdresser for the job and then it will turn out fine :-)

I couldn't find the piece of jewelry from Asos on their website but I think it's just out of stock for the moment.. They do have some other GREAT ear chain-stuff!

Ninja said...

That's true, it's SUCH a commitment! I think I might have to save up and give the hairdresser thing a go, because I'm just lusting after red (or redder) hair.

I should look into them! I actually bought one recently at an ethnic store here...maybe I should post a pic.

Thank you so much once again :D

Sarah said...

if you do go red, go all the way! and if it sucks, you can re-dye it. never do anything halfway because you'll always wonder what if you had really done the bright. be careful though, you are not exceedingly pale like the women you pictured with red hair, so it might come off as "trying to hard" to some people. I still say go for it, then change it if you don't like it

Ninja said...

The point was I don't think red all the way would suit me because I'm not that pale :D That's why I thought that an auburn might look a lot better.
Thanks for the advice!!!