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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Immersing myself in the world of cooking

I was watching Jamie Oliver on TV and I just had to cook. The thing is that I'm alone at home, so ingredients are rather scarce. SO, I rummaged through the cupboards and surprisingly managed to muster enough supplies for quite a lovely meal.

To you it might look like just a bunch of brownish stuff, but it's actually baked zucchini with mozzarella, pesto chicken wrapped in bacon (also with mozzarella...mmmm.) on a bed of creamy mushrooms and a mini tomato-salad. Trying my hand at some Italian flavour, seeing as I lived there for a while. 
My tunic with elephants is one of my many finds from this morning's trip to the flea market. Can't wait to show you the rest!

For my carbs I made some focaccia bread with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto alla genovese and some feta.

The chicken is very easy baked dish that involves very little prepping (and quite yummy since the bacon causes it to retain a lot of that moisture). The mushrooms are a lovely seasonal treat, just friend with a bit of creme fraiche. And  the zucchini is of course easy to bake with the chicken and a bit of spices and mozzarella.

There you have it: quite a summery, well-rounded meal in my opinion.

THEN i got a bit carried away and made like a million batches of cinnamony vanilla pancakes of yumminess that I'm saving for tomorrow's brunch with my boyfriend.

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