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Monday, June 20, 2011

La vita è bella

I decided to post a quick outfit update before my friend arrives. I'm looking forward to a fun, relaxed day at home with lots of food and great company. It's finally warming up, I got to sleep in and I just had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Life is beautiful.

Today's shoes. I'm loving the vintage-feel in them. I thrifted them a while back so I know nothing about their history, who knows, they might actually be old...

ASOS sunnies, high-waisted pants (bought from Aurora of, stripy tank from H&M a knit from Lindex and a 2nd hand belt. (And because you're terribly interested, my hair is up with one of those ornamental comb-things)

Lots of kisses, love Ninja

xxxxxxxxxx (and then some more)


Nelson said...

not bad at all for a muotiblogi :DD (it's nelli, in case you didn't recognize me)

Ninja said...

Thank you so much :D "Not bad" will suffice for now ;)