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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glam-iators let loose

A kaftan-y tunic-y type of thing (with shorts under!)

Some sort of gladiator sandals, only one euro from the (need I say?) fleamarket.

One of my favourite bags

And some jewellery from Tanzania: 

Don't you love it when you see and old friend and you pick up right were you left things? Well that's the story of my day! We went shopping but just ended up walking in circles and chatting for HOURS. It's great to know that even though I might not see her all the time, she's still here for me.
Despite the distractions, I did happen to find quite a nice necklace for 3,60 euros (-70% !!!) and a hair-repair treatment thingy (which I'll tell more about later once I figure it out). 
Today's my last day dogsitting the puppy...and as icky as it is sometimes I think I'll actually miss it!
I have great plans on what to wear tomorrow, I just hope I still like it in the morning (I'm prone to mood-swings) :)

Lots of love,


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