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Monday, June 13, 2011

Borrowed from the blokes

You might not have noticed yet, but one of my greater loves when it comes to fashion is a bit of good ole cross-dressing. Both ways. It was funny how I kept getting weird looks while out today. It's as if the great Marlene Dietrich's legacy doesn't extend this far north. While I always like to keep a touch of femininity in what I wear, I commend anyone who takes it for themselves to break gender boundaries, it really takes that extra bit of confidence I seem to be lacking in.

I would marry these shoes if I could! I found these dapper men's dress shoes while vintage-shopping yesterday and get this: for just TWO euros! Even at a few sizes too big they are so comfortable and really give a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit that extra ooooooomph.

Modern dandy. I believe this is my first jeans look for you lot, which surprises me since I really live in my jeggings.  It's just been too hot to wear them lately. Blazer from MONKI, t-shirt from the recycling center (for free!), same watch pendant as yesterday (yes, I love it. So?), my new favourite hat and my chained purse.

Today I went to my orthodontist in the morning (whopee, I know. But it wasn't so bad). The temperature dropped from 30 degrees Celsius to only just above 15. It's been pouring all day...AND I LOVE IT! I guess growing up in Africa, you just learn to associate good things with rain. And the smell of it. mmmm. Had a quick lunch with my boyfriend and then went shopping with my friend (and gorgeous clothes guru) at IKEA. There I found some much needed clothes hangers, that will hopefully help me sort out this (controlled) mess I call my bedroom. Afterwards we had some of the famous IKEA hot dogs. After we got back to town we did our regular high-street rounds and I found a lovely baby-blue nail polish and a bunch of bracelets from H&M (only 3 euros total).

All in all quite a productive day. Now I'm bundled up under my duvet on my couch. I can still smell the rain from my open window, and the humming of my laptop is so comforting (awfully poetic, I know). This blog has really become a bit of a lifeline for me, and a good one at that.

As I always say: 'till tomorrow!


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