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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two for the price of one

Blogposts, that is since I forgot to upload yesterday's outfit :)
Todays been lazy, late breakfast and a bit of grocery shopping. I made chocolate fruit salad for luch (which I have yet to eat) and for dinner I'll make a variation on Sunday's chicken- instead of pesto I'm making a red-wine sauce and a bernaise. I'll probably read a few magazines today and eat my fruit salad while watching episode after episode of the bachelor. Haha lame, but chill!

Yesterday's outfit: a playsuit with the jewellery from my graduation and a hat that I found at the flea market on Saturday (for just 2 euros!!!)

I was feeling girly in the morning, so I opted for a feminine sundress from H&Mwith my trusty Giuseppe Zanotti glittery ballerinas. 

Hopefully I wear something presentable again tomorrow ;)

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