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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grey to match the sky

Another cooler day. My BFF+E (forever and ever) got back from Hungary yesterday, so I went to her house to drop off some magazines and say hello. I ended up staying for 7 hours :P We watched two movies: Eat, Pray, Love (not as good as I expected) and Ferris Bueller's day off (Hilarious. Lots of 80's fashion- loved it!). Then we did chocolate facials and watched the biggest loser (while eating chocolate pralines...yeah.).

I especially fell in love with Sloane's fringed jacket- (couldn't find one good picture, but I hope these get the message across) and high-waist shorts combo. Look at the volume of it in the last picture. LOVE!

Just another simple outfit: jeggings, flowy top from VERO MODA and a blazer from H&M. Also a pair of kitten heels, since they're supposed to be making a comeback. Well, that pair is definitely not making a comeback on my feet, because they we're paaaaainful!!! I have done my fair bit of walking in heels, but those were really something, pulled the skin right off of my toes.


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