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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A midsummer night's update

Here's my weekend in pictures: 

A bit of vintage inspiration for our road-trip: dotted blouse, crocker jeans (chopped into shorts), H&M wedges and my  gorgeous (MINI) suitcase.

I alternated between the map and glamour (ahhh bliss) and he did all the hard driving.

To (try to) add to the vintage look I pinned my hair up (also because it was still oily from my oil treatment. It's cool now, btw).

Check out my delicious earrings from Mic Mac!

I couldn't NOT show off these bright clogs I wear at our summer house. 

We found the most adorable and vibrant coloured egg!

A midsummer eve's (juhannus) tradition: a bonfire. Behind a glimpse of the summer house.

Beautiful sunset at around 10 pm. The sun was up again soon after (actually by the time we got to sleep at 3am it was bright as day again!)

a bit of artsy-fartsy photography.

Enjoying the sunset (and the great light for taking pictures... ;)

The perfect treat!
My outfit for the day after and the drive back: Beatles sweatshirt, tartan leggings, my new walking shoes and my "fat-jacket"

Happy midsummer to you all!



Kat said...

i love your hair! so pretty!! cute top :)

Ninja said...

oh thank you! I'm a huge fan of your blog btw :D

Thanks for checking mine out, I'm very flattered.


mely said...

You are my favourite model!! <3 mely

Ninja said...

haha thank you so much!!! :D <3