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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Me, myself and my shopping

Candy-coloured shirt from Orvis, my new wristwatch, H&M shoes (which you should be familiar with by now ;) , jeans, aviator sunnnies, and a thrifted bag. (I'm actually quite fond of this look if I may say so...and I love how red my hair looks, maybe that's something I should try...)
ASOS-sunnies, bought off an unidentified blogger

A poncho-type thingy I bought today. Originally from the autumn H&M collection last year. I actually almost bought this back then, so when I got the chance to get this beauty for 5 euros, there was no stopping me!
I also love the gorgeous buttons on it, details like that really make a garment.

A pair of Rebel booties bought off of a lovely unidentified blogger, who also sold me a pair of pants. I'm hoping my friend managed to identify her, because I'm dying to check out her blog (such a sweetheart)! I'm just worried about walking in these...not being accustomed to super-high heels and all...EDIT: blogger has been identified as Aurora from

A blogger (whom my friend identified as Emmi from sold me these cute strappy heels that even I may be able to wear.  Emmi seemed like a genuinely lovely, gregarious, bubbly and funny girl (I just got a really good vibe off her), and I will definitely be reading her blog from now on!

I found this cropped Diesel jacket at the regular fleamarket and I knew I had to get it! Unfortunately it photographs quite badly, but I assure you it's cute.

On my way to the fleamarket I passed by a really interesting art installation in town, and since it features clothes I just saw it fitting to post a picture! (I don't know about you, but I find it rather exciting)

Today in the morning I went to a regular fleamarket  and later my lovely friend Kim and I headed to a blogger's fleamarket for some style-guaranteed shopping. After a quick lunch I met up with my bff for some extra shopping at a mall (where I was too stingy to buy anything after the great bargains this morning :P) and some girly makeover time at mine. This day has to be classified as über successful!

Hope you've had a super weekend!!!



Paulien said...

That crazy blouse in different colours is AWESOME! And I love how you wore it with a simple skinny jeans and the vintage-style bag and shoes.

And ehm, how COOL is your hair?

Ninja said...

Haha it's so lame, but I just let out a bit of an "eek" when I noticed that you had commented (I love your blog!). Thank you ever so much!