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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrapped up in chocolate

Loose Lindex knit, my new favourite sunglasses (obviously), the H&M dress I got from my boyfriend a while back and a pair of shoes from the blogger's fleamarket. 

Shoes originally from Dinsko, but I bought them off Emmi ( EDIT: they are the most comfortable pair of heel that I own and SO easy to walk in...thanks Emmi!

A thrifted necklace. I spent ages trying to find the perfect outfit to wear with it, and I think this worked out pretty well.

My beloved wallet from Accessorize (got it for 7 euros on sale!). I love how chunky it is, but sometimes it's hard to fit in my smallest purses.

A flower-shaped ring from Glitter (also a gift from the boyfriend). Although I happen to know this one was on sale (cute and price-conscious, that's the man for me :P ).

After pictures of all of these gifts from him I'm quite embarrassed to admit that he bought me flowers today for absolutely no reason...Then again I'm being spoiled, who am I to complain? I just surprise him with something in return (I did, however, buy him a pair of much needed sunnies last weekend...)

Hope tomorrow's clothes are presentable, if not brace yourselves for an inspiration post!!!!



veryberry said...

so sweet look,love your necklace.
following you now,follow me back???

Ninja said...

Let's see if you're any good ;)...Just pulling your leg, I'll certainly be following!


Ninja said...

I'm afraid I forgot my manners in this excitement: thank you for your nice comment!!! :D