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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mate with mates (yes, I know how it sounds)

Today's a public holiday (no exams!) so I went out on a picnic with some of my girlfriends. We had an abundance of food and drink including an Argentinian tea, Mate (or ma-tay). I was the first to try and it started out pretty strong, but as we passed it around it got slowly better and better. I'd describe it as tasting almost like a really strong version on green tea. Now I'm back home and studying for my history finals (woop, woop) and stressing out because the teacher promised us a hard exam...ew.

My favourite strappy flip-floppies, from a second had store. (and pink toenails!!!)

Mate and a little look at my outfit. Today I wore a paisley printed top from Zara, a Lindex knit and a pair of black jean-shorts. Also notice feather earring :) Despite the look on my face I actually enjoyed the tea a lot (and I had so much I had to go hunt for a loo right after). Fun social thing to do!

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