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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A graphic tee, nerdy glasses and summer life

My favourite navy-striped knit with my favourite shoes and a scarf. The ultimate feel good outfit!

Got them for a euro at the fleamaret. They're so tattered I have to re-glue them after each use, but I won't give them up 'till I find a VERY similar pair.

Playing the domestic goddess: made my boyfriend parmeggiano filled ravioli with a zucchini pesto sauce (not from scratch, unfortunately...I'm not THAT awesome).

I had to enlarge this one a lot, so the T-shirt would be visible. My friend bought it from a store in Sweden that specializes in graphic tee's. This one feature my favourite band, the beatles, getting all dolled up :P

I added these nerdy glasses to to the outfit once we went just seemed appropriate (even though they're SO 2009. Heck fashion goes in cycles, they'll be back in a year or 20. Then we'll see who's cool)

A (not so) secret love of mine. Bowling shoes. I just find them so quirky and adorable. I need to own a pair (plus these made my tiny feet look SO big!)

It's been a busy few days. To recap: mini golf and cruising with my boyfriend and two of our mutual guy friends, bowling  and dinner double-date with our favourite friend-couple and coffee with one of my best mates (shout out to her!)

I'm facing a bit of a conundrum: I'm going to a fun-park tomorrow and I have no idea how to look put-together without a fashion fail (skirt up by the ears, anyone?). Accessorizing will be a problem since I don't want to wear a scarf and jam a ride and die (that would be no fun at all). If I don't figure something out, we're looking at a VERY boring clothes day. Ouchies.

Here's hoping ;)


OH, and btw the prank worked (as I predicted) from a distance. But I guess it became pretty obvious that my hair was pinned up :P I guess need to start practicing my hairdressing skills...


The StyleScout LDN said...

Thank you for your nice comment earlier today...

Ninja said...

No worries, I really am a fan. It's always good to see little glimpse of the eclectic fashion in London (living out here in the middle of nowhere one needs a source of inspiration)!