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Monday, June 27, 2011

And it's warm again!

Summer's back after a few weeks of  ridiculously  chilly weather!
 Today I'm heading for town for a history study-date at a café (I have my matriculations coming up in the autumn, so I have to get cracking). I might let myself take a peek at the sales, but I'm going "officially" tomorrow with my trusty shopping sidekick.
 I have been dog sitting for almost two weeks now, and as sweet as the puppy is it makes a HUGE mess everywhere and howls like I've never heard I'll be more than happy to return it on Thursday.

Here's my outfit inspired by yesterdays research: 

Maxi dress thrifted (only 20 effing cents! Definately one of my better finds) I'm thinking of shortening it after a few wears to make it more versatile (gotta make the most of those 20c), quite a bit of jewellery, my denim crop vest and my Giuseppe Zanotti ballerinas.

Ear cuff with a chain from an ethnic store here. Cost about 7euros.

Bracelet from Liberia and my new favourite nail polish. I love the peachy-beige with my skin tone. I just recently found it from the bottom of my nail polish container and I hate that the label had rubbed off so I can't tell where I could get more... If you know of brands with similar colours lemme know! :)



Alessia said...

heyy, thanks a lot for commenting on my blog! Hope you like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet blog youve got :-)
I follow you now, take a look at my blog..

Ninja said...

Thanks girls! And Alessia, I really like your blog :D

Actually yours too :P


Sarah said...

LOOOVE this outfit, not to mention he price on the dress. I need to find some plentiful garage sales. And the thrift stores all have sales on the 4th of July so that's when I'm going.

Grandma's here, she says she loves the outfits and wishes you hadn't "done that to your ear." hahaha. Personally, though, I'm loving the chain. all your Jewelry is great in this shoot, you look stunning as always.

Love ya!


Ninja said...

Thank you so much! I was SO shocked at the price myself. You can tell your gran that the chain cuff is a clip on, maybe she won't lose all respect for me :D (the other one's real, though...)
This is one of my "no photographer"-shoots, it made it quite difficult, so it's nice to get some good feedback.