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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The leftovers

Today wasn't very exciting. A workout in the morning and then trying to make our way home in the afternoon :) I'm getting really nervous (I'm not sure if I told you lot...) because I'm substituting for our English teacher tomorrow and on Tuesday (eeeek!!!). It's a debate course, so I think it'll go fairly well...but I just get really nervous :P

Here are some random outfit shots etc. from today :

Everything else is the same as the day before 'cept for the trousers. They're the ones from Topshop that I mentioned in the previous post :)

I just HAD to grab a frappucino before running to catch my plane :)

Once again: I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!!


The Denmark experience- IN ONE DAY

We woke up in the morning in a quaint Swedish town and hopped on a train to Helsingborg, from where we took a ferry to Helsingör (I hope I got them the right way round :P). There we visited the Elsinore castle, which is said to have been Shakespeare's inspiration for Hamlet (it is not known if mr. S himself visited, but players of his company definitely did, since the castle had a reputation of throwing the best parties in Europe...or so the Danes say ;). As a lover of classic literature and history I really enjoyed the visit.
Afterwards we had a lunch platter (20 different things to try) in a lovely Sicilian restaurant and did a bit of shopping after. Then we were already rushing to catch our next train; this time to Copenhagen. The first thing we went to see was the little mermaid promptly followed by a castle (and I can't remember the name...pattern forming???) and after a small walkabout we also went to see the Amalienborg castle (hope I spelled that right, sorry Danes) which is the current residence of the royal family.
After all those castles we went for a walk in the trendy cafe district and port area and I ended up having the BEST hot chocolate of my life (so dark and creamy...mmm). That was followed by a quick shopabout in the main shopping area, Ströget, where I found a great pair of topshop trousers (featured in the next post).
After ALL of this, we hopped back on the train, got some takeout sushi and went back to my dad's place to eat it...needless to say I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow, it was,after all, a 12hour day of dashing from place to place :P

I tried to take a creepy picture for halloween's sake...emphasis on the word tried ;)
My outfit: the same parka and shoes, denim shirt tucked into Zara shorts, a hat and a big scarf

A miniature of the Elsinore castle (this is pretty much what we saw of the outside of it since it was so foggy)

Denmark's national bird

The royal residence


In front of what I believe to be the Ripley's Believe it or not Museum. That was one tall guy, btw.

That's the biggest picture post done (phew!).


from flight to night

On Friday I needed an outfit that would transition from a flight outfit into a night in a matter of a shortish train ride. We went out to eat in a darling little Greek place in the town where my dad lives.

Anyways, this is the outfit I came up with:

I wore my parka and my MONKI boots (staples for the trip since I decided to travel light), a red vintage blazer for layering and a romper from Istanbul.

I transitioned into my going out clothes by nixing the coat and scarf (all the boho layers), by adding lipstick, opening my hair and pinning it to one side AND by adding my electric blue vintage turban :)

More photos coming up VERY shortly.

Sorry about deserting you lot AGAIN. My trips are over now for this fall, so expect to see me around a lot more.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can smell the rain

I wish I could bottle the scent of rain and capture its the air of eerie beauty. 

An I think I'll leave being poetic to others :p Today I did my practice AP exam for English literature and it was BOOORING (3 essays and about a bajillion multiple choice questions), and it affects our grades. Ew. 

H went to Germany to drink beer (I almost wrote weird would'v that been???) and watch footie with his mates and he seems to be having a pretty fantastic time :) As for me, I don't miss him much yet (krhm, he's only been gone since this morning).

HERE'S MY BIG NEWS: I have a job. An actual real people job that PAYS. Not babysitting, not telemarketing (okay it's a job, but a damn lousy one) and not mowing laws (I've done all of the above for waaay too long). I am now a sandwich artist (yes, that's my official title!) at SUBWAY. Un-fucking-believable :)

And here's my OOTD:

Feathered T-shirt from Pimkie, Levi's BF fit (my FAVOURITES...not at all obvious) and my  black blazer from MONKI (Staple, everyone should own one).

My owl ring and my beetle ring

And a random earring I found in my stash :)

All in all a really good day, hope all you are doing well too! Tomorrow it's a couple of hours of school and then I'm jetting off to Sweden :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red, white and blue

I am incredibly particular about having healthy skin. I obsess about it anally and today I finally did something very concrete about it: a 1,5h facial :) After being poked, prodded, steamed, scrubbed, masked, lathered, rinsed (repeated :P) and dyed in all sorts of ways, I am hoping that my quest for perfection is closer than ever.  I was also incredibly lucky to get a good deal for it, since it was at a cosmetology school. Despite her being a student, my lady was super professional and I didn't feel uncomfortable for even a moment. I am also rather happy with the end results (brows a tad too dark but they fade SO quickly anyways).

Today's outfit was just a simple 80s vintage blazer, white blouse from Rome, a scarf that my dad knitted for me (awww!) and a pair of combat boots.

hilariously failed and over-edited shoe-picture that I thought looked pretty cool :P

I live for the weekend, so I'm excited that the weeks almost half way through. I'll be staying at my dad's place in southern Sweden for this one, so it'll be extra special!


Monday, October 24, 2011


Melancholic, nostalgic, beautiful day. It's me, a bag of candies and one of my favourite movies: Once. The much hyped about musical about an Irish musician (played by Glen Hansard) and an immigrant (Played by Marketa Irglova) is once of those love stories that never quite happens, but beautiful nonetheless. I love it's authenticity as Glen and Marketa actually wrote all the songs and actually ended up dating for a while. Cute :)

In addition to all this day-dreaming I actually got out for a walk and some fall themed photography :)

My precious tartan leggings (that everyone else seems to hate...why? :P), booties from MONKI, parka from H&M Boy's section, layered black shirts (about 3, it was pretty damn cold!) a big scarf and some sweeties (quite essential for these manic mondays!)

This was a long one... (I apologize for the multitude of trees, I just love them when they go all orange!).


Sunday, October 23, 2011


For those interested in coffees, I found a darling little local blog ( mokapot) with witty and informative reviews of different sorts of coffees and teas- as well as coffee houses around the Helsinki area (I know, not all that useful to all you internationals, but interesting nonetheless). Accompanied with cozy images of these hot brews it's enough to make anyone crave that extra cuppa :)


A little report

 On Friday my bf's friend had his birthday party and I have to admit that I was really nervous and anxious to make a good impression before we got there (even though I'd seen most of the people before!), but I as quickly put at ease by their politeness and good sense of humour (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone masks, among other things). And I think that I made a fairly good impression by totally killing it on the guitar on band hero ;)
Yesterday we had out girly date with the one and only S. We enjoyed a lovely meal of Chinese food (so much that I was close to bursting...again), funniest home videos and facials. It was good to see her after a long time!
Today is my homework day (BOO!), but H is popping in later for dinner to brighten up my day :)

Friday's school outfit: a very classic jeans and trench combo with an oriental-themed bag from Accessorize.

My barely visible over the knuckle ring with the word "love" in cursive (H found it for me on the ground...yeah, way romantic :P) and my emergency manicure.

The evening look: A salmon coloured dress from SisterS point layered under a chunky knit (yes the one that I wear quite frequently. It's so warm it's almost magical. I swear you just pull it on and- BING...warm). Biker boots and the same jacket from earlier. Topped off with a little chignon to the side and I'm ready to party!

A close up of my lovely necklace from Istanbul.

That's it for this weeks outfits. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, dearies!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

One of those good days

 Fun, fun day :D Woke up to a bright red sky (no kidding!). Cloudy and blood red. Gorgeous and haunting all at once. Had a breakfast of Nutella, had a pretty fun school day (as far as school goes) and a fun bagels and shopping date with J. In town as the sun was going down the sky looked like a sorbet: blue, white and the deepest pink you can imagine. It's autumn, everything is orange. I'm listening to one of my favourite songs and I'm happy. It's the small things in life that matter the most.

Double denim uniform: denim biker from H&M and bf fit Levi's, with my mum's scarf (which I've  happily adopted) and ballet flats. Also one of these lazy no makeup days :P

äska-bracelet and ring from seppälä. Bag, bracelet and belt in sorta matching leather. I'm a leather girl ;)

Tomorrow's Friday and party time! I'm going to H's friends (sorta mine as well) birthday party. When I asked  what they tend to do at their parties he promptly replied "limbo" and I got SO excited (I'm REALLY good. Honestly). Well, as it turns out my sarcasm sensor must be faulty....So now I'm just waiting to find out (makes it hard to plan an outfit :/ ). 
On Saturday me and S have a special bff sleepover planned :P facials movies-the usual!

Happy, happy weekend to you lot!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wanna die young (at a very old age)

Today I had a very nice lie-in before school (since I started at 12). And I went to H's after for a bit of pampering (aka. he made me noodles and we watched some telly) :) good day.


Cape from Seppälä, see through button down from Turkey and jeggings

and BOOTS :) Thrifted

ring from pakistan (bought in turkey)

My lazy day hairstyle: I just pile my hair onto the back of my head with pins, the messier the better :)
Last but not least: my private chef

P.S: Please vote for me today in this styling competition! Just click the heart button. No sign up required. Vote here.