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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The leftovers

Today wasn't very exciting. A workout in the morning and then trying to make our way home in the afternoon :) I'm getting really nervous (I'm not sure if I told you lot...) because I'm substituting for our English teacher tomorrow and on Tuesday (eeeek!!!). It's a debate course, so I think it'll go fairly well...but I just get really nervous :P

Here are some random outfit shots etc. from today :

Everything else is the same as the day before 'cept for the trousers. They're the ones from Topshop that I mentioned in the previous post :)

I just HAD to grab a frappucino before running to catch my plane :)

Once again: I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!!



SandM said...

Starbucks <3
You look nice, love the denim shirt :)
Take care xoxo

Joyce said...

Love your outfit, your pants looks so nice with your boots :)

Kristin Wyly said...

ahh that looks delicious! Love the pants.