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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can smell the rain

I wish I could bottle the scent of rain and capture its the air of eerie beauty. 

An I think I'll leave being poetic to others :p Today I did my practice AP exam for English literature and it was BOOORING (3 essays and about a bajillion multiple choice questions), and it affects our grades. Ew. 

H went to Germany to drink beer (I almost wrote weird would'v that been???) and watch footie with his mates and he seems to be having a pretty fantastic time :) As for me, I don't miss him much yet (krhm, he's only been gone since this morning).

HERE'S MY BIG NEWS: I have a job. An actual real people job that PAYS. Not babysitting, not telemarketing (okay it's a job, but a damn lousy one) and not mowing laws (I've done all of the above for waaay too long). I am now a sandwich artist (yes, that's my official title!) at SUBWAY. Un-fucking-believable :)

And here's my OOTD:

Feathered T-shirt from Pimkie, Levi's BF fit (my FAVOURITES...not at all obvious) and my  black blazer from MONKI (Staple, everyone should own one).

My owl ring and my beetle ring

And a random earring I found in my stash :)

All in all a really good day, hope all you are doing well too! Tomorrow it's a couple of hours of school and then I'm jetting off to Sweden :)



Cicatrix said...

vähä hyvä et sait töitä :) teeks vaan viikonloppusin vai kans iltapäivisin vai miten?

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love the pic of you on the floor! So cute!!!

Nicole said...

Your t-shirt is great :) and congratulation to your school and work! :)

kath said...

oh i love your top! thank you for your lovely comment..i would love if it we could follow each other, let me know and i will follow back :)