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Monday, October 3, 2011

Evening feelings

Despite having a coffee date with one of my closest friends and getting to spend heaps of time with my bf I have to admit that this has not been the best of days. I'm all sniffly and achy. I must be coming down with something. The funny thing is that my bf loves it when I get a bit ill, since he gets to baby me and bring me food and tuck me in (yup, he has more of a maternal instinct than I will ever have!). And that's exactly the kind of luxury I got to experience today. The food: his mums home made meatballs and mushroom sauce (YUM!) and lots of cuddles and trashy tv.
His mum gave me some mushrooms to take home as well (she always treats me with food :) so I made some of those for dinner and then enjoyed a HUUUGE lollipop shaped like the white house (it seemed like a good day to treat myself).

Here's my ootd and other randomness of a tired mind:

Lindex knit and H&M denim jacket over a vila maxi dress with MONKI booties :) A nice, warm and comfy outfit.

A UNICEF bracelet that my friend (the one I saw today) bought for me :)

And my beloved ELLIFANT!

Autumn is very officially here: dad turned on the central heating. I love how it hums next to my sofa :)



Cee Harvey said...

loving the outfit! what a cool maxi

Serendipity Style Blog

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

how cute are you! love that floral print maxi dress!!!! your booties are presh.

kisses from kaitlin