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Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 2, Rome aka VATICANO

On Monday we spent 6 (!) hours roaming through the Vatican museums (I think there are 27 all together) and we made an effort to see them all. In that sense 6 hours wasn't all that long, because a very clever girl told me once that if you spent a minute looking at each piece of art in the Vatican museums, you'd be there for twelve years. As a lover or art and history (and art history?) I really enjoyed the day. Later we went back to our apartment and made a HUGE Italian style dinner: plenty of starters to nibble one (olives, prociutto crudo rolls with ricotta cheese, roasted eggplant and zucchini etc.), a huge salad, crusty rustic bread and cheeses and wine (certo!).

A HUUUUGE bathtub

Monki blazer, top and Zara trousers

I thought that this was incredibly cute for some reason

I can't get over the gorgeous dresses on these statues....or the fact that there were barely any naked ladies depicted, but most of the men were nude :P

A distant view of St. Peter's


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