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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 5, aka PARTY TIME

On the final day in Rome my sisters and I walked up to Fontana di Trevi and enjoyed some pizza and ice cream on the steps. We also did an insane amount of souvenir shopping- everything from Duff beer to bracelets! In the evening I met up with Bennie and some of her friends for a lovely Chinese food binge-fest. It was pretty cool to meet all of the people that mean the most to her :) They were all super friendly and a bit (ok, a lot) crazy. Afterwards four of us headed to the Trastevere district to a shisha bar for some extra fun. It was absolutey incredible: we got our own private room with an iPod deck, disco lights and, of course, a water pipe :)
When I got back to the apartment I pretty much just waddled over to my bed and fell asleep!

I bought the treble clef ring and the leather bracelet from markets in Rome and I thought that they'd look lovely with my "golden" ring.

My outfit for the day was a little floral strapless dress.

My outfit for the night: my new white blouse, levi's bf fit jeans, scarft from Stockmann and some random jewellery

That's it for Rome, I'm afraid.

The next day we spent trying to get home. I say trying, because the flight was delayed by two and a half hours and the bags took an hour to arrive. I am really glad to be back even though I enjoyed the trip. Today I get to see H (yay!), because it's his dad's birthday (another chance to get dressed up).

I hope you all had a lovely week!



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ihana toi eka kuva <3

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