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Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the style of Cleopatra

 While I was studying for History I got really into watching documentaries and I haven't stopped. Some of the most interesting ones were those on Egyptology. As I was watching a particular one about Cleopatra I got really inspired a gorgeous big necklace. Imagine my astonishment when I happen to stumble upon quite a similar one at the fleamarket! My expression must have been priceless :)
SO yesterday I played around with the theme and wore that beautiful necklace as an accent to the most simple outfit and accentuated the effect with heavy eye liner. Super.

Speaking of yesterday...It was meant to be a night in, but we ended up going over to H's friend's house for poker night. WAY TOO MUCH FUN. I am beyond flattered that they asked me to join them, since I've only met some of them a couple of times. Anyways, they were all so very friendly (and some of them quite grown up...shocker :P!) and even though I was the only girl in a group of 10 or so, I never felt left out for one second. However, I didn't join in on the poker since I tried once with S and an M&M's set and we just ended up eating everything. I think they took me in really nicely so I look forward to seeing the lot of them again!

Thrifted knit, Zara chinos

Preppy little vintage shoes

And my lush jewellery. You might also notice how pathetically short my nails are: that's what you get for soaking in the tub for just a bit too long a few too many times :P

I wish you all a FANTASTIC week!



Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

adorable shoes...amazing!

Lauren said...

What a fabulous necklace!!! I love history documentaries, too. Have you seen Terry Jones's The Hidden History of Egypt? I just watched it the other day and really enjoyed it.

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

lovely necklace lady!
and that sweater. mmm!

kisses from kaitlin

Anonymous said...

wow the necklace is too good, i love it! and your nails are short and chic!