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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little report

 On Friday my bf's friend had his birthday party and I have to admit that I was really nervous and anxious to make a good impression before we got there (even though I'd seen most of the people before!), but I as quickly put at ease by their politeness and good sense of humour (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone masks, among other things). And I think that I made a fairly good impression by totally killing it on the guitar on band hero ;)
Yesterday we had out girly date with the one and only S. We enjoyed a lovely meal of Chinese food (so much that I was close to bursting...again), funniest home videos and facials. It was good to see her after a long time!
Today is my homework day (BOO!), but H is popping in later for dinner to brighten up my day :)

Friday's school outfit: a very classic jeans and trench combo with an oriental-themed bag from Accessorize.

My barely visible over the knuckle ring with the word "love" in cursive (H found it for me on the ground...yeah, way romantic :P) and my emergency manicure.

The evening look: A salmon coloured dress from SisterS point layered under a chunky knit (yes the one that I wear quite frequently. It's so warm it's almost magical. I swear you just pull it on and- BING...warm). Biker boots and the same jacket from earlier. Topped off with a little chignon to the side and I'm ready to party!

A close up of my lovely necklace from Istanbul.

That's it for this weeks outfits. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, dearies!



Mary said...

I like your necklace a lot :)

Sandra said...

Love your boots!