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Monday, October 17, 2011

When I just want to wear pyjamas

The day after the holidays. Oh! the joy of catching up with all of my mates and sharing vacation stories and having a bit of a laugh :) If only we didn't have any lessons. I was certainly pretty close to that: I only had chemistry today :P
It's Monday and I'm already ready for it to be Friday :) 
It has lately started to dawn on me that most of my friends are guys. I just find them easier to deal with. Much less drama.
I'm still on holiday time (waking up at 11am) so waking up at 6 has left my mind rather scattered. My apologies.
My thrifted knit, dad's blazer, H&M pants and shoes.

Gonna go eat now, I'll be back with inspo later if I remember :D



fashion suicides said...

Love it, Ninja! That blazer looks great on you. And aren't those pants sooo comfy? I wear that kind of pants a lot lately! Love.


Lizzie said...

You make pajamas look so great and stylish :)