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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 4, aka Colosseum

On the 4th day we went to the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum and the Palatino hill. It was a gorgeous, sunny day- perfect for an outing like that. Later we did some shopping ( I found some makeup at KIKO). In the evening Bennie and I headed out to a Pizza place near Piazza Navona for a romantic roman date ;) and some ice cream! At the piazza we stopped to listen to a really impressive guitarist playing old classics like wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton.

I think that it's just fitting to wear gladiator sandals at the Colosseum



Sarah said...

I don't trust you near the forbidden climbing signs.

It looks like you had a great trip! I miss Europe, everywhere you go looks so gorgeous, as do you. <3 p.s. it's after 2 am where I am so I'm thinking I should probably sleep. maybe. just a bit.

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the comment on my Wishful Wednesday post :D

These photos are amazing, looks like you had a great time! Lucky :)


Anonymous said...

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