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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect evening

After a long day of school, seeing friends and stealing naps between everything I'm sitting here cosmo in my other hand and coco in the other, listening to new songs by a singer songwriter friend of mine :) Pretty chilled out I'd say, compared to all the crap that's been raining down at me recently. I just can't wait for Christmas break!

Here's yesterday's outfit for you guys to marvel at (or not :P)

Some groovy sort of indian, 70s style prints with nice wintery colours, spiced up with a red belt and a hobo hat :)

The detail shot (gosh I love these)

Breaking news: I MIGHT BE GETTING GLASSES...I am feeling quite controversial about it: nerdy brown ones would be quite cute, but I don't want to be stuck with them for EVER. Freaky. The reason I might get them is that I keep taking the wrong buses since I can't really see the numbers anymore :P ooopsie poopsie!

That's all folks!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's already the first advent!

Sorry about my recent silence, I had an absolutely MAD weekend. Starting with working almost till midnight on Friday and then waking up at 6am to go and sell some of my clothes at the fleamarket (good choice, because I bought a really super x-mas pressie with the cash, more about that later). Sunday was reserved for panicking about uni applications, it's absolutely killing me!

Then to my actual post, a Christmas list! :) I always loved making these when I was little, so I decided to give it a shot once more:

A floppy 70s hat
A floaty ASOS party dress for the season's celebrations
This awesome Aztec print denim shirt to spruce up my  drab winter wardobe
Reindeer leggings...Oh yes!
Any heat protection spray, because blow drying season is upon us (aka the time when you walk out with damp hair and it freezes. EW!)
ANY aussie hair products. I can not get enough of them!
A Versace for H&M fur gilet
A Versace for H&M ring
Lush caca marron- henna, an essential!

A romantic spa -hotel weekend getaway with the love of my life. Complete with candlelight dinner with live music, a dance party with a DJ, spa treatments and a room overlooking to ocean...WAIT, that's what I got for my bf for Christmas, and the person joining him is none other than myself :) It's gonna be lush. We're going on the 9th already, since he spends his Christmas up north with his grandparents. Ahh, can't wait!

I doubt I'll be getting much more from that list, but once I get my January paycheck I can purchase that stuff as a late pressie for myself ;)

What do you want for Christmas?


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkeyday '11

So apparently it is/was thanksgiving?? Obviously we don't celebrate it here, but I have had a proper thanksgiving, turkey and all, with some friends from the states in years past. What I gather from looking beyond all the (DELICIOUS) food is that we are supposed to give thanks about something in our lives so here's just a few things I came up with:

  1. I have such a wonderful, loving bf (who might be moving in with me next spring! Eeeeek!)
  2. I have the most awesome, beautiful BFF who can take all my faults and make them seem like innocent quirks.
  3. Of course I have to be grateful of my family! (and I just got my mum back from San Francisco)
  4. YOU. 'Nuff said. <3
  5. I FINALLY have a job that I actually enjoy.
  6. I only have one term left of school.
  7. I'm making some progress with my uni applications.
And there are about a million more. :)

Lets continue this cheese-party and hear what you guys are thankful for (it always makes me so warm and fuzzy to share these)!

Happy (late?) thanksgiving!


Funny story of the day

Yesterday as I was about to cross the road, a skater bumped into me. I turned around to say "oy!", but as I saw the skater I choked on my words: it was a granny decked out in the coolest skater gear! All I could do is smile as she continued her journey. True story!

Well here's my OOTD:

My favourite knit, a white knit scarf, a DAVID beanie,  a brandy melville dress shirt, Levi's BF fit jeans , thrifted booties and my mum's old knitted backpack.

Kisses to my darlings!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

an up-and-comer

Sometimes I am rather intimidated by runways fashion, because I find it hard to imagine myself in the clothes. Although I love the artistic element to it, I can just imagine how out of place I'd feel watching crazy JC de Castelbajac creations or  gorgeous Elie Saab dresses float down the catwalk. However, in Alexandra Kiesel, I have found something so funky and functional that (if my budget permitted) I'd actually wear pretty much anything she sends down the catwalk!

Alexandra Kiesel was the winner of Designer for Tomorrow (judged by none other than Marc Jacobs!) at Berlin Fashion Week last summer. Her geometric, colour blocked collection was a clear stand out among the five finalists, because of its "mix and match" qualities. Everything combined beautifully in the show to create dramatic looks, but it was clear that all the items were actually wearable and interchangeable! I was so inspired by the multitude of colour and how well the palette actually worked...Maybe I should give something like this a shot? :)

Her own choice of clothing also complimented the fun spirit of her collection
My personal fave!

What do you think: is colour-blocking SO last summer or is it coming back???


Monday, November 21, 2011

A bit about YOU...

I was taking a quick look at my stats and I noticed that some of the countries to make it to my top 10 list were quite surprising (in the best possible way!).

It was really interesting to see, in a very concrete way,what an eclectic group of people I'm interacting with, and in some cases I was actually really touched by the results!

Maybe you lot also want a peek? :

1.Finland (not that surprising, since that's where I live)
2.Kenya-Afrika ni katika moyo wangu!
3. USA
4. France
5. UK
6. Jordan- wow, really :)?
7. Germany
8. Canada
9. Italy- ciao a tutti i miei amici! Tvb ;)
10. Brazil

So a HUGE thank you is extended to all you interesting, beautiful and stylish people, who I get to write to and read about on a pretty daily basis. You truly enrich my life and I hope I can give back even the tiniest bit of what I get from all of you!

Super kisses!

So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned

Today I was reading one of my favourite blogs: that of the lovely (and insanely creative) MaryLou.Cinnamon. Her most recent post featured various bits of 60s inspiration. My eyes were instantly drawn to Jim Morrison's copper haired girlfriend: Pam Courson. So I did a bit of research and I absolutely fell in love with her hair and carefree style. While I've certainly heard of her before because of her famous bf, I never really gave her too much thought. Obviously a HUGE mistake!  I wish I could somehow tap into her charisma...

Well, without further blabber here's some of my findings for your viewing pleasure:

I want to look like her!

Although I never  experienced the 60s myself (obviously), I feel that I can sympathize with the freedom that is so evident in a lot of the material from the era. Speaking for myself ,and so many other enthusiasts, it would be amazing to even see a glimpse of that in today's hurried cookie-cutter society.


p.s. This reminds me that I have to henna my hair again!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update on the UNhate campaign

Apparently the Vatican has already sued Benetton for their ad with the pope kissing and imam, and it has been pulled out of use.
Chill out guys! Nobody's suggesting that the pope's gay, all they want is to bridge the gaps between opposing forces in the world (forces that ought to really be working together)!

But that's just my opinion.

The morning after

We got to sleep in for a looong time this morning :) H made me a massive Sunday breakfast complete with sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and plenty of coffee! I haven't needed anything to eat since. Today I'm just gonna have a quiet day at home preparing for work tomorrow. I love Sundays!

A chilled out Sunday-outfit: band shirt from Istanbul, jeggings, Bianco footwear  platform heels a cute little coat and my favourite scarf!

haha H managed to capture a sneeze on camera :P!

I will have to take a piccie of my Subway uniform for you lot, it is just TOO funny :D I love it! I'm actually really enjoying my job so far, but I am getting a little sick of eating subs :P


p.s. I REALLY can't wait for Christmas!

The night before

H and I went to a really funky, trendy Mexican fusion restaurant (called Shaghai Cowboy). It had huge windows looking out to the street and a really cool interior with long benches and a "messy" loo with a razor blade seat. I love the jazzy music and the sense of humour of the restaurant and the food was fantastic! We had some delicious home made tortilla chips with salsa and guacomole (both fantastic!) for starters and chocolate and coca cola glazed ribs with cornbread and cabbage slaw (my fave!) for mains :) I can't begin to explain how wonderful it was and not too pricey:P
Perfect date after a long day of making sandwiches!
We're really starting to get into this whole eating out business, so the next place we wanna try out is a local TIKI-bar :)

I decided to put my new jumpsuit to good use last night. I thought that it was funky enough to suit the occasion (I did, however stick out like a sore thumb among all the grey-clad Finnish people...not that it's a bad thing!).  I threw on a string of (incredibly plastic) pearls to add a bit of glamour.

I love the winged sleeves!

This really has nothing to do with the text, but I loved the shadow :)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

No scurvy

I haven't done anything vintage-y in a bit and I am absolutely in LOVE with this hat (and so is H), so I wanted to build something fun around it. As some of you may know by now: I love sailors! I usually stick to wearing nautical outfits only in the summer, but I just couldn't help myself today. SO I tried to transform the cheeky sailor look into something more glam (and warm!).
I stayed over at the bf's last night for a bit of a movie night to wind down after this hectic term and today I had  a coffee and shopping date with my one and only BFF, S :) And we managed to get in plans for a fabulous birthday cruise next spring (fingers crossed it works out). 

The famous vintage hat, paired with a gorgeous vintage-look scarf

A very basic stripey top, jeggings and comfy booties and a GLORIOUS (and comfy!) faux-fur coat.

Ninja loves you!

slim pickins

After my final day of term I was feeling a bit moody and stressed so H and I went out for bagels and doughnuts (what's with all this food with holes tasting so fantastic?!?) and did a bit of window shopping. I also managed to convince him to get a quick snap of my outfit, by pretending we were tourists (which would explain the lack of selection today :P).

Patterned slouchy trousers from Topshop as the piece to center around, a black knit (you've seen it about a billion times now :P), a black crocheted scarf and the denim biker jacket from H&M.

Lots of kisses once again,

I love this!

The Italian fashion brand Benetton is renowned for it's powerful campaigns (e.g. ones against racism etc.), and this one is no exception. Dubbed "unhate" it shows world leaders sharing a a sweet loving moment, instead of fueling war and violence. I love how the pictures are really funny in a way, but not so funny that they overshadow the message :)


p.s. I checked out the Versace for H&M, and I must admit I was quite disappointed. There are some gorgeous, interesting pieces, but everything is (unsurprisingly) out of my budget range (although it's further out than I expected). The only thing I'd consider buying is this goooooorgeous pair of metallic strappy, oh-so-high, heels :)