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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Apparently I shop where all the Finnish Top Model contestants, because (believe it or not) I spotted another one today :P I saw Minna Puro, 19, also from the current season of FNTM at the fleamarket this morning (when I was shopping for my date-night outfit, eeeek!). I honestly wouldn't have noticed her (even though she was right next to me pretty much going through the same pile as I was) unless the saleswoman hadn't asked "hey aren't you that girl from that tv-show". Too funny :P



SoapiUk said...

Hey I'm a new follower :) love your blog and your amazing monki platforms. I wanted them sooo bad but they were sold out in my size. x

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Love the bottom photo!


Mary said...

so cool! I love the 2nd one :)

SandM said...

Beautiful photos.
Thank u for ur comment!
Take care xoxo

Paola said...

Great post!!!;D